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10 Reasons Your Gremlin Does NOT Want You To Do It!


Shhh … I’m going to whisper so your Inner-gremlin won’t hear me!!!

Have you noticed that every time you think about trying something new or investing in yourself, your Inner-Gremlin is poised and ready to give you the run-down as to why you should turn around and walk away RIGHT NOW!

Yeah … me too! 

Have you met your Inner-Gremlin?

Well I’ve met mine. He’s a cute little dragon with purple wings who likes strawberries and likes to sit on my shoulder. He is always ready to tell me all the reasons to play it safe, stay small and to keep the cash in my wallet. He likes to remind me all of the reasons why it’s just too risky to take that kick-boxing class, and any other number of ways I like to step out and take a risk.

Here are the ten reasons that your Inner-Gremlin does NOT want you to take this journey of 21 Days of Radical Self-Care Rituals:

Reason #1: It’s TOO hard!

Reason #2: You don’t have enough time!

Reason #3: This is not for YOU, you don’t need Self-Care!

Reason #4: You haven’t asked for permission!

Reason #5: Change is bad!

Reason #6: You’ll meet new people and that’s scary!

Reason #7: You’re not worth it!

Reason #8: You’re not going to commit to each challenge!

Reason #9: It’s just another online program!

Reason #10: The benefits won’t exceed the investment!


You know what … the gremlin makes some really good points and after all, sometimes staying safe is just the right thing to do.

So what now? I want you to try before you buy, so here’s one of my favorite challenges called ‘Meet Your Inner Gremlin’.  {which I had illustrated and turned into a gorgeous worksheet just for you}.

This challenge is just one of the 21 transformational challenges that comes directly from my 21 Days of Radical Self-Care Rituals.


Next, here are some actual human testimonials from ladies who’ve taken my course – make sure the gremlin can hear these :))

“I realized that the little things I do for myself are nurturing my income. Taking more time for myself is huge.” ~Michele Santo

“I feel lighter and less guilty about spending time focusing on myself” ~ Katie Cassidy

I feel I have a better ability to control my gremlins and can quickly interrupt negative self talk or habits. And I feel more in control of actions that I previously felt dominated me.” ~ Connie Oestreich

“I am inspired to be my best asset and more committed to the actions necessary to ensure that I am.” ~ Heather Vaughn

“This was much more than a self-care challenge. It was a catalyst for personal transformation and well delivered too.” ~Lindsay Pera


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21 Days of Radical Self-Care SELF-CARE

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice