My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Why my 3-Day Self-Care retreat didn’t go quite as planned


Last week I set off on a 3-day VIP retreat ALL BY MYSELF!!! 

My big plan was to spend 1/2 of my time working on wrapping the details for my upcoming mastermind and 1/2 the time on outrageous Self-Care. So I packed my flip charts, markers, altar goodies, chocolate goodies, lots of coconut water and green smoothies, a good book, my laptop, comfy clothes to lounge in after my body scrub/massage at the spa, and a good journal to capture all of the inspiration and ideas that would flow from this getaway.

If you follow me on social media, than you know that my weekend didn’t go quite as planned. 

By Day 2, I was completely down and out with a raging fever and sinus infection.


I did manage to get some work done on that first day, and I even managed to squeeze in my massage … but I was already dragging by then and all I really wanted to do was curl up in a ball under a warm blanket with a steady stream of chicken soup delivered to me in bed.

Which is exactly how I’ve spent the last 48 hrs. In fact, I’m still laying down under a warm blankie as I write this out to you.

It’s not exactly how I planned to spend this week … but here I am, listening to and honoring my body. I’ve had to ditch all of my plans to shoot videos and spend lots of time on phone calls enrolling amazing women into my course. I’ve actually cancelled the calls and have decided to simply BE where I am …

healing, resting and trusting that Self-Care is my only job at the moment. 

As I reflect on how I got SO sick, SO quickly, I realized that I was allowing the deadlines and projects in my life to take over my normal spacious and easeful

I used busy-ness as an excuse to keep going when what I really needed to do was just PLAY and relax. I was trying to squeeze my Self-Care into a 3 day
weekend instead of trusting 
my daily practice. 

Even the Divine Self-Care Mentor can get off track … so I’m climbing back on and inviting more ease and play back into MY life so I can keep doing the work
that’s so important to me.

This busy-ness and burnout cycle is exactly what t I see happening with so many women I work with. You know what’s best for your heart and spirit … but with looming deadlines, money stress and the expectations to do it all, you simply let Self-Care slide down the list or try to squeeze it all into one vacation.

As I was reminded this past week, that simply doesn’t work.

It’s time for a Self-Care revolution!

This year, I’m gathering a select group of women to support in building a foundation of Self-Care in life, business and the bedroom.

When you build a foundation of Self-Care you get aligned with your vision and begin to take bold action steps each day.

With daily Self-Care, you give yourself the confidence, clarity and resilience to show up and expand with ease and grace into your highest calling. 

Throughout the year, we’ll gather together, mastermind together, and develop a genuine circle and sisterhood that lasts beyond 12 months. 


My focus throughout this year is on showing you how to build a deep foundation of Self-Care and daily alignment with what’s most important. 

When you start each day aligned with what’s most important, you affect everything … from the way you show up in relationships to
the way you show up in your business. 


In this year long journey, I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about self-care, systems and strategy
so you can grow your business, take action, and make consistent income, without putting your needs on the backburner.


Here’s what a few past mastermind participants say about my work:






If this sounds like something that is right for you, there are 3 ways to be in the program:

The Crystal Circle is a self-paced option where you’ll have access to the content and the monthly calls, with the option of
adding on 1:1 mentoring time throughout the year.

The Moonstone Circle is the same as above but you’ll also have 4 virtual retreats throughout the year and 1:1 mentoring time
with me to dig into your unique needs, whether it’s business building or life coaching.

The Diamond Circle is all of the above, plus a LIVE retreat on Oct 9th through Oct 11th in the Pacific Northwest and lots of 1:1 time
with me to take a deep dive into whatever you’re creating this year as well as an accountability partner. This level is by application only

If you have any questions regarding the program or application, please reply and I’ll take care of you right away.


A few key points:

  • The women in this group are amazing and are all at different stages in 
    their life and business development so you don’t need to worry that you’re 
    too early on in your business. You’ll get the specific support you need from
    our 1:1 time together.
  • If you’re looking for lots of spreadsheets, technical lists and minute by
    minute structure, this may not be the course for you. I work with the
    flow of the group, individual needs while following an outline and topics.
    From experience, I know that the group will also create it’s own intentions,
    energy and goals … and I will intuitively lead where I feel we need to go
    even if it’s sometimes outside the pre-set outline.
  • If you’re not comfortable with woo woo, and you’re not willing to explore,
    this is probably not the right space for you. I refer to intuitive, divine guidance
    and even tarot cards quite a bit throughout our time together. But … if you’re
    feeling open and are willing to explore, than this is the space for you.
So if you think a mastermind in 2015 to help you grow in your life and in your work then come and check out the sales page and enroll ASAP.
Doors close on 1/14/15 at midnight PST. 

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice