My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

5 Steps to Activate and Access The Power of Clearing Space

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Wedding DressIt took me many years to let go of my wedding dress. I kept putting it off. I found many reasons to procrastinate on finding pictures of my dress to show the consignment store. My dress was all packed and dry-cleaned in a box, so you couldn’t see the actually dress. And in order to consign it, the store needed to see the pics.

In my mastermind program {Divine Self-Care Circle Mastermind}, we have an entire module/month spent on the magic and power of clearing space. If you’ve read the book – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, then you know that I’m not alone in experience the power of getting rid of things you no longer need and focusing on being surrounded by things you love.

So I knew it was time to walk-my-talk and get that dress to the consignment store, clear energy in my home, and let someone else wear the beautiful dress on one of the most magical days of their life.

And because the Universe always leaves breadcrumbs for me, I trust synchronicity and intuitive guidance.

So when my hubby was cleaning out the garage and found a box with 3 perfect pictures of the dress from different views, I knew that it was time. It felt like such a divine sign that I didn’t hesitate.

The store loved it. I wasn’t expecting to get so emotional when we opened the box and took out the dress. Seeing it brought back the big emotions of my wedding day. I took a picture, turned around and said goodbye. And it was pretty easy to walk out knowing that the love we infused into it would be carried into another beautiful day. And it cleared so much energy in my life and home. 

Right afterwards, we went to the ups store and received a big check refund unexpectedly and then I was invited to a fabulous speaker series in October. 

Don’t you just love insta-manifestation? :))

This stuff works!!!

Here are 5 steps you can take right now to clear space with intention and activate the magic –

1 – Walk around your home and look around for anything that makes you sigh, cringe, or feel heavy with the thought “I really need to get rid of that”

2 – Make a list of all of the items that made you feel this “heaviness” in your heart and body

3 – Next to each item write down one of four action items – DONATE, THROW AWAY, GIVE-AWAY or CONSIGN (PLEASE!!! Be honest about the consign part … is it truly valuable or just valuable to you? – if you’re going to consign, do it quickly and make sure to check the box that says donate if not sold. That way the item doesn’t come boomeranging back to your house in 6 months)

4 – TAKE ACTION – this is key. Throw out, donate, giveaway or consign the items within 48 hrs of making your list, or procrastination will set in.

5 – Find an accountability partner and be the support for each other to take action ASAP.

BONUS step 6 – Enjoy the magic, activation and flow.

If you’re inspired to take action, and want some public accountability, leave a comment below letting us know that you are doing this TODAY :)))



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  • Tikoshia Davis September 22, 2015, 7:45 pm

    I just recently moved across town and took the opportunity to do the same thing. I had stuff I didn’t even know I still had, and I’m sure I was also holding onto that energy unknowingly as well. Even though I had a LOT of resistance around going through all of my things and sorting them out, I have to admit it felt really good to let some things go!

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice