My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

A New Kind of Fairy Tale Ending


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I have a story for you. It’s a very special story of friendship and planting a seed.

One day, a long, long time ago, there was a little girl. She was the princess of a kingdom far away in a land covered in sparkling white snow all winter and a rainbow of wild flowers all summer. The cycles of the seasons were a natural, mystical unfolding of miracles. She knew that there was time for the light and time for the darkness. And all was valuable.

Her kingdom was magical, beautiful and she clearly saw the beauty in every corner of the world that was all around her.

All that she needed and all that she wanted would appear as if my magic in front of her at the perfect time and in the perfect way. She knew deep down that all was well; that everything she needed would always be provided for her. She knew that she was guided, supported and loved.

And in turn, she loved everyone around her. She even loved the creepy crawliest of creatures. She had loads of love for the grumpiest of people. For she knew that even the grumpiest of people needed the love to remember the magic.

But one day everything changed. She grew up and forgot that the magic of the world is all around her. She got busy. She worked a lot and her work, which was really important, took up so much of her time.

No longer did she have endless hours to wander the magical green hills surrounding her castle. 

No longer did she have time to simply look up and soak in the wonder that is all around. She barely even had time to pet her unicorn.

After many years of living this way, long hours of work, very little hours of play, she knew something had to change. She was exhausted, uninspired, and well…pretty bored and unhappy with the way things were.

Luckily, her dear friend Queen Elena, The Divine Self-Care Mentor, came to visit this beautiful girl in her castle. Queen Elena instantly noticed that something was different. The sparkle in her friend’s eye, which had at one time lit up the nighttime sky, was dull. 

When Elena asked, “Is something wrong?” the girl didn’t really know how to answer. Everything seemed fine, she was doing all the things that were expected of her: working hard, paying the bills, being generous and kind with everyone around her (when she had time). But still, the sparkle was gone and the girl was exhausted and uninspired about most everything.

That’s when Queen Elena realized exactly what had to be done.

“My friend, I’m only saying this because I love you dearly and because I know that you have something magical, brilliant and important to share on this earth. And right now, you don’t seem to have much to give to anyone, especially to yourself.”

“But I don’t have the time to do anything for ME”, answered the girl.

Queen Elena smiled. She knew this place well. She had heard this before. And knew that it was the exact right time to plant the seed of self-care in her friend’s heart.

For without planting the seeds of self-care, her friend would continue to wither into exhaustion and sadness. And the beauty of her inner kingdom would be lost.

And so began the journey of 21 Days of Radical Self-Care.

Will you plant the seeds for yourself?

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice