My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Are you dreaming about 2016?


untitled-229I’m getting ready to unplug for the next 10 days, I wanted to make sure you remembered to grab your spot for my Dream Calendar Planning Workshop.

The reason I’m able to take chunks of time off and go play fully is because I take the time to create my schedule with enough spaciousness, creative time and nothing time built into doing work that I love.

I love combining strategic planning, dreaming about new ways of expressing myself in the world, planning my financial expansion AND still leaving enough space for in-the-moment surprises and opportunities. 

As a a spiritual person, I love to leave room for the magic, AND I’ve run my business long enough that I KNOW that I don’t want to leave my success to chance. I know I can’t plan inspiration, AND I can certainly consciously create space for it to bubble up.

If 2015 didn’t create the success that you were looking for, let’s dig in and get YOU, YOUR DREAMS and enough space for the MAGIC to show up.

Join me for this unique planning workshop where I will guide you back to what’s most important and show you exactly how to create a year filled with work you love, a fierce focus on consistency {the key to my business success} AND doing it in a way that meets YOUR life, YOUR needs and YOU unique way of expressing yourself in the world.

See you there! –>>>


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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice