My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

It’s time to STOP


It’s time to STOP denying your needs and thinking that everything has to be so HARD!

Just this morning, I received a loving message from one of our Divine sisters who is re-joining the circle this year … her 3rd year!

“Thanks so much Elena. I’m so grateful to be able to join in again. Self-care is my #1 biz priority this year. I’m learning more and more about how fundamental it is for me to flourish… in every aspect of my life.”

Dr. Kristy Goodwin, Author, Speaker, Leader.

If you’ve been checking out the Divine Self-Care Circle & community for the last few days, months, or years…

And something in you feels called to step into an expansion of freedom, ease, grace, a slower pace and leadership, with the support of a truly amazing sisterhood community…

And you’re truly willing to commit to daily practice to make lasting changes that are not only simple but also pleasurable…

There’s no better time, sister than NOW.

The world NEEDS you to be well, healthy, nourished, intuitive, lit-up and READY to step into the YOU that you KNOW is the REAL you.


If you’re waiting for someone to give your permission to invest in yourself has to come from YOU.

I sometimes still get caught up in thinking that I need to CHECK-IN with someone else to give ME what I need.

But I always remember that this is MY life to claim.

On the last day of your life, will you regret the things you DID or DID NOT do?

I bet it will be the things you DID NOT do.

So don’t let this be another thing that you WANT to do … but DON’T because of self-doubt and lack of permission.

The most important thing I will inspire you to embrace this year is the NEW Divine Feminine Metrics of Success:


Doesn’t that sound amazing????

The reason I teach THIS and not some marketing strategy… is because THIS is the best marketing strategy in the world.

Once you embrace the NEW Divine Feminine Metrics of Success… you will begin to vibrate on a higher level and ATTRACT the right ideas, opportunities and people instead of hustling, grinding and struggling. PERIOD!

There are THREE ways to join. 

If you’re ready to JOIN US, go straight to the 3 levels of the circle …
–>>  HERE.

If you want MORE of the details, check out the VIDEO I made for you… head over –>> HERE.

And don’t forget the amazing BONUSES you get when you step inside:


Divine Self-Care Circle SELF-CARE

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

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