My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Can You Let Your Heart Guide You?


let your heart guideYou know those moments that make you want to quit…to walk away …to go back to easy. Those are the moments that are transforming you … those moments are the ones where alchemy is happening. Just sit … sit and stay in it and listen. Ask the moment what you need to know most RIGHT NOW. There is nothing to fear. This journey is a choice, and we are all going to walk it at our own pace.

Remember to be gentle with yourself, to keep your vision front and center and share this vision only with those who will see it through YOUR eyes, smile back at you and say YOU GOT THIS! This is a sacred path you’re on. Enjoy each up and down and KNOW that it doesn’t have to anything other than what you make it.

What’s your Life Vision?

From ‘Journey to The Heart‘ by Melody Beattle … our message for March 9th:
Visions are different from dreams. A vision is a picture that comes from the sou and comes out through the heart. A vision is a small glimpse of light that shines and shows us our path. It is a quick flash of something that hasn’t happened yet. It may tell us something about today or ten years from now. Visions occur when our souls look at the map for our lives, get a sense of where we’re going, and tell our hearts how to find that place. The more conscious and clear and direct we are, the more we can tune into and help create the highest vision for our lives.

What do you want? What would feel right? What do you see yourself doing? Be clear, be concise, then let it go. Sometimes when we run out of dreams, we have to rely on our visions, these small glimpses of light, to lead the way. Learn to see the visions in your heart. Learn to trust them. Learn to help create them. Allow them to manifest themselves. When the path is dark, learn to be comfortable with these small bursts of light.

Let your visions guide you.


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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice