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Erin Cox Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


It’s my sincere pleasure to share this interview with the lovely Erin Cox. Erin is a dear friend, a trusted mentor and an amazing inspiration to all of us trying to find a path to walk towards our dreams, with our kiddos in tow. Erin is a best-selling published author with Hay House, has a [...]

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You’re a Mom???


Recently I had a few business  conversations where I’ve mentioned some cute something or other about my son and the response was, “I didn’t know you were a mama!” Wow! Really?? I had to pause and take stock of that response. My highest mission in my work is to embody my brand and stand in [...]

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A New Kind of Fairy Tale Ending


  I have a story for you. It’s a very special story of friendship and planting a seed. One day, a long, long time ago, there was a little girl. She was the princess of a kingdom far away in a land covered in sparkling white snow all winter and a rainbow of wild flowers all summer. The cycles of [...]

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Never underestimate a woman with a dream and a laptop…


I know there is a lot of crazy shit going on in the world today. I know that there are all kinds of bogey-men and scary things happening all around us. Yes, I know all of that. And I also know this. That there is SO much damn beauty, love and good-will in this world. [...]

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Me + You = Global Change


I believe that when you invest in and take care of YOU, you’re doing something so much bigger. When you have the courage to create from your heart, you build an authentic business, you create from divine inspiration, and you inspire others to dream bigger. You also create a ripple effect that can shift social [...]

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Is there a link between Self-Care and Intuition?


Is there a link between self-care and intuition? What is self-care? Self-care habits are those daily things you do which uplift your heart, mind, body and spirit. A self-care habit can be as simple as choosing to go to be earlier, consciously drinking more water or scheduling a manicure. Self-care is also about creating daily [...]

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Is there an “I had a crappy day mantra?”


There are those days when everything I teach, coach and put into my self-care routine just don’t seem to be working! There are those days when I wake up, do my 10 minutes of bathroom duty {HA – pun intended}, and I practice my EFT tapping and mantras in my miracle book, and I do [...]

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Spiritual Shavasana…


We, as women entrepreneurs, get to feel like every second MUST be spent on strategies, marketing, branding, etc. But truly, when you’re not taking the same care, time and effort to create a peaceful, mindful internal space, it’s just a matter of time before your body and spirit force you to an unexpected pause by [...]

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When the Sh*t is becomes REAL!


This is the day before I officially go into pre-launch week for my program – “{kick-ass} Self-Care Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs”, and my little gremlins all want a front row seat. All those times I started & didn’t finish something, or those times when I was too scared to go up on stage and belt [...]

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21 Things you didn’t know about me


Why am I writing this post?                 I am part of an amazing international mastermind group of women entrepreneurs and part of our first tasks was to open up, get raw and authentic and share in a fun creative way. I know that I already share pretty much [...]

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice