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Lindsay Pera Talks Divine Self-Care {video}

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  I’m so thrilled to share this interview with you. Lindsay Pera has become a dear friend, mentor and a soul sister on so many levels. We met when Lindsay invited me to her Full Circle Wellness interview series where we got to jam on Self-Care. These days I trust Lindsay as a mentor to [...]


Lana Shlafer Talks Divine Self-Care {VIDEO}


  This week I got to connect and play with one of my favorite people, Lana Shlafer. Lana Shlafer is a life coach, yoga teacher, writer, and creator of the Accessing Alignment and Accessing Ease online courses. Through her guided meditations, courses and mastermind groups, Lana has helped hundreds of clients who are ready to live an extraordinary life go from [...]

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Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


  Q – What does Divine Self-Care mean to you? It means to take the time and remember who I really am … more than a mom or business owner or wife, remembering my heart and spirit and then loving myself enough to do something just for me.   Q – Was there a time when you did not take care of [...]

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Holly Gillen Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}

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I am so excited to share this amazing woman with you. Holly Gillen is an inspiration in the world of entrepreneurs and visibility. I first met Holly when I found her Zero to Hero Video Challenge. Once I signed up, along with women in business from around the world, Holly sent a daily email with [...]


Heather Tiszai Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}

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  I met this gorgeous women several years ago when our kiddos started the same school together. From that very first meet and smile, I sensed that Heather was one of the most authentic, kind and funny women I had met … and YES, as Heather mentions in the interview, her laugh was one of [...]

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Lane Kennedy Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}

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If I could invite a group of amazing women to talk life, love and business over for dinner and wine, Lane Kennedy would definitely be on the short list. I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Lane’s blog and the conversation got juicy. Between laughs, synchronicities and hell yeses … I knew I wanted to keep [...]

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Gina DeVee Talks About Divine Self-Care {Audio Interview}


It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to one of my mentors, Gina DeVee. Over the last decade, Gina has built a business that allows her to travel the world in divine style while empowering women to step into their passion, their purpose and into living the life of their dreams. Gina mentors women [...]

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Jessica Locke Talks About Divine Self-Care {Interview}


Today’s interview brings together two of my passions, yoga and beautiful planners. A few weeks back, after connecting with the lovely Jessica Locke, I received a box filled with gold stars, sweet Italian candies and a gorgeous planner that was unlike anything I had ever seen. This planner incorporates health and a wellness, motivation and [...]

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Cara Roth Talks About Divine Self-Care {Interview}


One of the most amazing aspects of my work, hands down, is meeting incredible people who are on their own inspirational journey of loving transformation. There is a quality if divine presence when someone has gone through a painful experience and has been able to tap into the divine intelligence of the pain to alchemize [...]

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Gina Gomez Talks About Divine Self-Care {Interview}


It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to a beautiful soul and inspirational woman who is creating a business and life based on her most divine dreams. I first met Gina Gomez in Marie Forleos’ B-School forum. We instantly clicked and knew we had to connect. We quickly set up a conversation and a [...]

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