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Allison Dailey Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


  Allison Dailey is a friend and a woman on a mission to share her passion for spirituality. Allison is the creator, brains and beauty behind Sapphire Soul and As a mama, her passion is to live in a way that inspires and guides her daughter. As an entrepreneur, Allison is all about strategy to [...]

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Heather Tiszai Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}

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  I met this gorgeous women several years ago when our kiddos started the same school together. From that very first meet and smile, I sensed that Heather was one of the most authentic, kind and funny women I had met … and YES, as Heather mentions in the interview, her laugh was one of [...]

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Mama Bliss Is …

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I’m so honored to be invited to participate in The Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour hosted by Kathy Stowell of Bliss Beyond Naptime. The Mama Bliss Is Blog Tour is helping to spread the word on the importance of mothers to tend to their self-care and creative practices first and foremost while contending with overwhelm in healthy and creative ways.  Here is my answer to [...]

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Lane Kennedy Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}

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If I could invite a group of amazing women to talk life, love and business over for dinner and wine, Lane Kennedy would definitely be on the short list. I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Lane’s blog and the conversation got juicy. Between laughs, synchronicities and hell yeses … I knew I wanted to keep [...]

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Chloë Rain Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


Q – What does Divine Self-Care mean to you? Divine self-care means that I am living in congruence with my true essence and soul’s purpose right where I’m at. No matter if that means I’m wearing no makeup and barefoot, done up in heels, on top of a mountain taking pictures, or sitting on the beach journaling my [...]

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Lindsay Marino Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


Q – What does Self-Care mean to you? Self-Care means trusting your intuition to guide your mind, body, and soul through your daily life. When using Self-Care you are putting yourself first, which in turn helps others around you. Q – Was there a time when you did not take care of YOU and how did [...]


Allison Braun Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


I’m so excited to share this brilliant business diva with you today. I first met Allison at a networking event in San Francisco. I instantly noticed this tall, gorgeous, stylish woman when I arrived at our event. Throughout the weekend, I learned more about Allison, her business journey and her amazing work helping purpose driven women tap [...]

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Elizabeth Kipp Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


Q – What does Divine Self-Care mean to you? Divine Self-Care means being in integrity with myself and my purpose. This means following my heart, staying as honest as possible with myself, staying on purpose and doing the best I can to take the right next step, both from a place of self-love and a [...]


Kimra Luna Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


I’m so excited to share this amazing kick-ass mama and entrepreneur with you today. Her name is Kimra Luna and she is a one-of-a-kind self-made entrepreneur. One day, Kimra decided she wanted to create something … a stay-at-home business where she could help others while playing with her sweet kiddos. I can relate to this [...]

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Carmen Spagnola Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


I met Carmen Spagnola through a mutual friend who suggested that I should check our Carmen’s website. I was instantly drawn to this beautiful soul. I promptly set up my first Intuitive Reading session (I love exploring intuition and guidance). Our first session was absolutely magical and I quickly booked several more sessions. Soon after asked [...]

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