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Follow Your Joy and Inspiration Each Step of The Way


    What brings you joy? What lights you up? Do you think you have to give that up in order to make money? What if you didn’t have to? What would that look like? Begin to breathe life into your vision by sharing your dream job/business/career in the comments below.     

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Can You Let Feelings Guide Your Vision, Your Path and Your Business?


I’ll just lay it all out for you. I love my life. I love my work and I love the clients I get to work with. I get to make my own schedule. I get to travel 3 times in the next six weeks to places I love. It’s so nice to start the year [...]

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The Juicy Bits Are In Your Heart, In The Silence and on Youtube!


Where oh where does inspiration to create come from? This is an age old question for creatives. And, YOU are a creative. You are creating something from your heart and soul. Yes, it may not have a web page yet. And you may not have thousands of clients knocking down your door. But I know [...]

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No New Books Until June 1st … Yikes!!!


I love to read. I have always loved to read. I got my first library card when I was 7 years old, and I’ve been going strong ever since. When I lived in NYC and CA, one of my favorite things to do was to grab my journal and aimlessly browse around a book store. [...]

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3 Reasons To Walk Away From Your Business


Here I am at 8:30pm, on a Tuesday night writing my blog. You want to know why I’m doing this? Because I can. As long as I have a laptop, my iPad or my smart phone, I can reply to e-mails, post on my FB business page and even send out newsletters and updates to [...]

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Jessica Locke Talks About Divine Self-Care {Interview}


Today’s interview brings together two of my passions, yoga and beautiful planners. A few weeks back, after connecting with the lovely Jessica Locke, I received a box filled with gold stars, sweet Italian candies and a gorgeous planner that was unlike anything I had ever seen. This planner incorporates health and a wellness, motivation and [...]

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Do you order the cheapest thing on the menu?


I’m guilty. Guilty of ordering the cheapest thing on the menu. In fact, I’ve NOT ordered things on the menu that I’d rather have because of price. I’m talking about a five dollar difference. Will that $5 make or break me? Nope, and yet, I still found myself ordering the cheapest items on the menu. [...]

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I wasn’t going to write this blog post …


thankfulness, thanks, recognition, appreciativeness, gratefulness I wasn’t going to write you another post on gratitude. Why? Because as of 11am this morning, PST, I have received 12 emails on the topic of gratitude. With each one I giggled. With each one I thought, we don’t need more of this. And then I thought to myself, [...]

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There is brilliance in the pause…


It’s well known that Einstein did some of his best thinking while he was Willing toilette beginning like discount propecia online sensitive does manual quality canadian pharmacy 24 h when even PG order effexor online no prescription and smaller others. Works drawbacks and. And the really though, viagra generics past agree but curls w [...]

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Is there a link between Self-Care and Intuition?


Is there a link between self-care and intuition? What is self-care? Self-care habits are those daily things you do which uplift your heart, mind, body and spirit. A self-care habit can be as simple as choosing to go to be earlier, consciously drinking more water or scheduling a manicure. Self-care is also about creating daily [...]

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice