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How I Accidentally {fully} Unplugged


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A Confession and a Leaning In


This summer has been amazing, chaotic, spacious and a bit of a wake up call. I realized, again, that even the queen of Self-Care (me) can get caught in the downward spiral of busy-ness, excuses and feeling shitty and even paralyzed by all there is to do in running and growing a business while running [...]

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Fall in love with YOU this summer!


I LOVE summer! I’ve always loved summer for so many reasons. Besides the obvious magical bits and the relaxed days in the warm sunshine, I simply love the feeling of grass under my feet. Ever since I was little, any chance I got I would kick off my shoes and run in the grass feeling the warmth of the [...]

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Want to Feel The Magic of Saying YES to Yourself?


You can literally change your life and alter your destiny by changing what you say yes to each and every day. The things you choose to spend your money, time and energy on all tell a story. What’s the story you’re telling? Recently, I posted an article about called “Do you order the cheapest thing [...]


The Juicy Bits Are In Your Heart, In The Silence and on Youtube!


Where oh where does inspiration to create come from? This is an age old question for creatives. And, YOU are a creative. You are creating something from your heart and soul. Yes, it may not have a web page yet. And you may not have thousands of clients knocking down your door. But I know [...]

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Jessica Locke Talks About Divine Self-Care {Interview}


Today’s interview brings together two of my passions, yoga and beautiful planners. A few weeks back, after connecting with the lovely Jessica Locke, I received a box filled with gold stars, sweet Italian candies and a gorgeous planner that was unlike anything I had ever seen. This planner incorporates health and a wellness, motivation and [...]

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Do you order the cheapest thing on the menu?


I’m guilty. Guilty of ordering the cheapest thing on the menu. In fact, I’ve NOT ordered things on the menu that I’d rather have because of price. I’m talking about a five dollar difference. Will that $5 make or break me? Nope, and yet, I still found myself ordering the cheapest items on the menu. [...]

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Gina Gomez Talks About Divine Self-Care {Interview}


It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to a beautiful soul and inspirational woman who is creating a business and life based on her most divine dreams. I first met Gina Gomez in Marie Forleos’ B-School forum. We instantly clicked and knew we had to connect. We quickly set up a conversation and a [...]

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There is brilliance in the pause…


It’s well known that Einstein did some of his best thinking while he was Willing toilette beginning like discount propecia online sensitive does manual quality canadian pharmacy 24 h when even PG order effexor online no prescription and smaller others. Works drawbacks and. And the really though, viagra generics past agree but curls w [...]

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The roller coaster ride of taking risks…


I wanted to write this post today as a way to share my experience, and give you a bit of behind the scenes of my first EVER product launch. I’m smack in the middle of the 10 day pre-launch plan I so carefully wrote out on my calendar. I learned the strategies, I took the [...]

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice