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Christy Funk Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}

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Christy_InterviewI am SO excited to connect with my amazing and talented friend Christy Funk and share our divine Self-Care interview. Christy and I met several years back when we were both in the eco beauty space. I was writing, blogging and consulting as The Eco Diva and Christy was the owner of an amazing retail store in Southern California called Belly Sprout, where she not only educated women on the dangers of toxins in their products, but she created a beautiful community of women.

And, Christy is also an uber-talented makeup artist who shows

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women that sensuality and beauty can be natural and come from within. Christy is now in the process of carving a beautiful new path where she is creating programs and coaching to guide women towards self-love and sensuality. And as you’ll see, Self-Care is a huge piece of the puzzle.

Wanna know more? Me too!!! It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce this powerful teacher, mother, friend and overall sparkling rock-star, Christy Funk. Enjoy!

Q. What does Self-Care mean to you?

Self-Care means fuel for the soul by caring for the body/mind/spirit. It means that we love ourselves enough to invest in our WHOLE being. Self-Care is the breath between exhales and allows our body to rejuvenate when we are depleted. Self-Care is as vital to us as is the blood in our veins. There is no escaping Self-Care if we are meant to show up fully to LIFE!

Q. How did you get to this place of knowing that Self-care is so important for you?

My body crashed. 4 years ago we had come back from a trip to Spain, visiting my ex-husbands homeland. I started to feel really off balance. I was short of breath, feeling light headed and it got to the point where I couldn’t care for my kids. Eventually, my boys and I had to go stay with my parents for 2 months as we ran the course of testing while seeing a naturopath. In a nutshell my adrenals crashed and took my hormones for a spin, affecting every organ in my body.
I was literally clinging to my life and knew that I had to get into that deep soul space to really look at my life. I was in a loveless marriage, running my Natural Parenting store full-time while raising my children holistically. Through my store I was giving to my community by offering really grand events and constantly looking for ways to reach out and help my community.
But I wasn’t taking care of myself and spent one too many nights crying myself to sleep. My husband and I separated 1 1/2 years ago and I began my exploration into what it means to truly love myself.
I went from victim to love and in the process learned how to accept myself for who I was, truly love myself as is and to in turn show up to love those close to me. It has been pivotal in everything I do and I now know that without Self-Care and Self-Love we cannot be in a place of receiving everything we want in life.

Q. What are 3 Self-Care tips that women can incorporate into their lives?

Tip 1 – Saying no when you need to because saying yes doesn’t feel good to your soul.
Tip – 2 Periodically spending quiet time with yourself. It can be a time of pampering or simply doing something you love, which feeds your spirit.
Tip 3 – Feeding yourself healthful foods to keep you vibrant enough to enjoy the life you love!

Christy Funk is a writer, inspirational thought leader, a Radical Self-Love and Sensual Living educator and a Holistic Lifestyle expert. She was the owner of Belly Sprout, Southern California’s premiere natural parenting store and community store from 2005-2013. She has worked as a professional makeup artists for over 20 years and in the last 11 years has established herself as an Eco-Beauty expert. Her passion is to teach people how to become their true, authentic selves so they can truly embrace a sensual life.

Your turn:

What’s one thing you can do this week to turn on the Self-Love & Self-Care in your life?

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Christy Funk Interviews SELF-CARE Self-Care Tips

  • Lindsay January 20, 2014, 4:04 pm

    Love this post and love Christy! I had the privilege to meet her at our safer chemicals Stroller Brigade nearly 2 years ago. Inspiring!

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