My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Create an Echo of Self-Care


echo of self-care

What is an Echo of Self-Care?

The echo of Self-Care is about treating yourself well and creating ripples in your life your relationships, and in your work.

An echo starts at one point in time and place, and reverberates through space and energy to land where someone else can hear it.

When you begin to walk the Divine Self-Care Path, people around you begin seeing and feeling the effects of YOU taking care of YOU as a lifestyle.

Your tribe begins feeling the joy and the nourishment that comes from taking care of yourself in a deep and consistent way.

The echo of Self-care begins to change the way you make decisions.

The echo of Self-Care begins to show up in the way you say yes to yourself as a habit … and say NO to the things that don’t make your heart sing.

The echo of Self-Care begins to show in the opportunities and the synchronicities, the magical daily gifts that begin to just arrive as a result of you opening the energetic space around you.

This opening, claiming, allowing and receiving is the core of what it means to walk the Divine Self-Care path.

This is what it means to become your #1 asset.

You become a magnetic light of inspiration and attraction and you begin to feel and know that more is possible as you focus on your heart’s needs.

The other side? When you don’t take care of yourself you begin to walk a different path filled with resentment, regret and self-doubt. Self-Care helps you realign daily with your highest self, your highest mission and the dreams that are living in your heart.

Create the time and space right now to tap into the echo of Self-Care by asking yourself what you need most, and give yourself permission to receive. 

Taking care of YOU first means you can show up in your work your family and your life as the nourished, recharged, and refreshed version of yourself.

Make Divine Self-Care your super-power!!!



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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice