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Dare to love yourself
Love, love, love….love, love, love,….yes, I am totally singing the words to that famous Beatles song. There are so many songs written about love. All kinds of love. The good, the bad and the ugly. Well, maybe not the ugly, because once things get ugly, it’s not really love anymore is it?

So what’s so great about love? Besides the the fact that it’s the glue that binds humanity together and all that jazz. Love is the stuff of poetry, song lyrics, and art. It’s also the stuff of human relationships, caring, compassion, empathy, nurturing and the basic principle that all relationships are formed upon.

For most of us, it’s easy to love a baby, a puppy, our friends, our siblings and parents…well ok, not always EASY, I get it, but it’s more natural for us to talk about, think about and put more effort into loving the other people in our lives. What is less easy, and so much less talked about is loving yourself. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “hey there gorgeous, I love you”. Does it make you giggle to think of actually doing it? Does it bring out the cynic? Why is it so unnatural to say I love you to yourself?

The reason I chose to use the word ‘dare’ in the title of this post is because when you dare to do something, you need to conjure up your most brave and courageous self and just go for it. When you dare to do something, you are calling out a part of yourself that is also vulnerable to shame, scrutiny and pain. And that is just what we feel when we don’t DARE to love our own gorgeous selves.

I KNOW that you and I are here on this planet to love. We are here to love each other, the plants, the animals and yes ourselves. Because the truth is that until you can only give authentically to others when your love cup is full. When you don’t have love for yourself, even the love you give others can be painful and strained.

So how can we move towards daring to love ourselves? Check out today’s challenge, and don’t just click to the next blog, or back to Facebook…really try this one. I promise, it can, at the very least, make you giggle.

AND…as a bonus, when you begin to love yourself, and practice it daily, you will begin to hear your inner wise self so much more clearly. It’s practical magic ;).


Intuition Challenge

Step One: Go to a mirror and spend one full minute just looking into your own eyes. Become aware of any sensations that come up. And just breathe into it. Don’t judge it, just be there.

Step Two: Say the following words out loud, “(Your name)…I love you so much.” Do this 10 times. Even if you find yourself laughing through it, or crying through it…just say the words.

Now be silent, and look into your eyes for one more minute. And now see if there has been any shift, however small.

I invite you to begin smiling at yourself in the mirror each morning and starting the day with, “good morning gorgeous, I love you”. Even if you have to say it silently at first.

Bonus challenge: Grab your journal and write yourself a love letter. It doesn’t have to be long or poetic. But take time and write out at least five things that you love about yourself, five things that you are proud of yourself for and five physical traits that you love about yourself. Or get creative and go ahead and write yourself a poem.

This is not vanity. This is not narcissistic. This is not self-indulgent. This is your lifeline to yourself.

 **For the daring….share your experience in the comments below***

AND please share the LOVE with a friend by TWEETING, posting to FB or Pinterest. I am grateful for your support. xox

Love, light & gratitude,

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