My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Daily Spark Of Intuition…I Am Whole


Daily Spark of Intuition_I Am WholeDear beautiful you. I want to share with you a lesson that has taken me years to re-learn. As a young girl growing up, I somehow knew innately that I was unique, special, amazing, talented, beautiful and whole. I remember vividly the dreams I wrote in my journal beginning when I was 8 years old. I’ve always felt the need to share my thoughts from my inner soul and guidance. I was so in touch with the absolute frickin hugeness of my place on this earth. I had no qualms about stating clearly what my dreams, visions and ideas for life were. And whether you wrote yours down or simply held those dreams close to your heart, I know that you were a dreamer just like me. And we never doubted, not even for a second that all of our dreams would come to our reality. We just knew.

That is, until someone told us that they wouldn’t. Or we began comparing ourselves to those around us. Or we began to believe the fear based messages that we saw and heard all around us. Or we began to flip through the magazines with articles titled, “How you can be more beautiful (read: just buy our stuff so we can become gajillionaires on the back of your insecurity), or, “How to lose 20 lbs. and become beautiful, (read: you will never be good enough until you look the way WE think you should). Or maybe it was someone in your life who was sad, angry or hurt in their heart who told you to just stop those silly dreams and settle for the path that everyone should be  on…which is one where we put those pesky little dreams behind us and embrace the reality of hardships, turmoil and a living with that sadness of unfulfilled dreams.

I am here to tell you the truth. They were all wrong. You were whole, beautiful and perfectly right to dream big as a child. We knew then what we have forgotten now. That we are whole, amazing and capable of creating all that we want. We can embrace our unique beautiful life on this earth, connect with our most divine wise inner knowing, and live the life we dream now.

I believe more than anything that a few subtle shifts in perception, diet and self-care rituals can open a new path for you. One that will feel so familiar that it will feel as if you knew it all along. Join me and my tribe of amazing women on this path of wholeness.

All you need to do is to reconnect to that dream is to begin to remember that YOU ARE WHOLE. Today, each time you catch yourself thinking that you can’t, you shouldn’t or you don’t deserve, simply close your eyes and take 3 deep delicious breaths and say to yourself, “I am whole”. What do you have to lose? The sadness and despair. What do you have to gain? Your whole beautiful self will vibrate high and loud with those dreams that are just waiting for you.

Love, light & gratitude,

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice