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Desha Peacock Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


This interview is a personal favorite of mine. Desha Peacock and I share a love for personal style and expressing it in all areas of life. From the way you choose your clothes, to the way your decorate your office, it’s all about finding your sweet spot of joy and bliss. 

I recently partnered with Desha to create my dream office to support and birth my growing dream business. I am SO thrilled at how it’s coming together. Through Desha’s guidance I was able to bring images and words to my dream office. {I’ll share images of the transformation very soon!}

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to  this beautiful author and style goddess.

Q – What does Self-Care mean to you?

My dad used to tell me, “take care of #1” and I think that’s good advice.

You’ve got to take care of yourself if you want to thrive in life and no one else will do it as well as you can. And the truth is I like spoiling myself. I take a hot luxurious bubble bath nightly. I eat whatever I want when I want it. I don’t count calories- EVER, EVER. I listen to my heart and live by intuition. I trust that when I’m in alignment with my higher purpose that I will be taken care of.

Q – Was there a time when you did not take care of YOU and how did it affect your life & business?

The truth is that I can be a little too dependent on receiving accolades from other people (especially those closest too me) and sometimes I expect it, but don’t always receive it the way I think I should and then my feelings get hurt. What I’ve learned is that when I am totally true to myself and giving life my all, that I can have the power and strength to know that it’s enough. The ego wants to hear all of these things about how great you are, but true self care is being so confident in yourself that accolades are just icing- it’s not the core reason for being who you are meant to be.

Q – What are your top 3 Self-Care tips that women can incorporate into their lives?

Tip 1. Have a daily self care ritual. From 3-4 every single day, rain or shine, hell or high water I will sit down quietly with my cup of hot tea and sweet treat.

Tip 2. Pamper yourself and do things that make you feel radiant and beautiful. I recommend having a bottle of rose spray in your bag or at your desk. Spritz your face liberally many times throughout the day!

Tip 3. Surround yourself with beauty. If you work from home, make an office that fills you with joy and energy. Creating a space that uplifts you can make a huge difference in your life and in your work.

Q – What’s something (fun, silly, surprising) that we can learn about you?

Ok, I grew up in Arkansas and I suppose you could say I didn’t have much exposure to the rest of the world. I remember asking my mother at age 12, “Why did I have to be born in such a boring place?”.  I somehow knew my escape would have to do with college, but I had so little exposure to the greater possibilities that I literally chose what TWO colleges to apply for based on where my brother’s girlfriend and ex-girlfriend went. Can you imagine???
I ended up getting a full paid scholarship to one of those colleges, but it was in Arkansas- the place I was trying to escape! I went for one semester, purposefully lost the scholarship and came home saying, “I will do whatever it takes, just get me out of here!”
Shortly after, I made a deal with my mom that I would live at home if she promised to help me go to college outside of Arkansas. I would have settled for Texas, but ended up in sunny Spain! That experience changed me forever.
During those years I ended up exploring most of the world, and the funny thing is that I’ve come to realize that Arkansas is really not that bad. In fact, I kinda like it 🙂


Author and LifeSTYLIST, Desha Peacock is known for her eclectic style and helping others see the possibility within themselves and their homes. For the first time, Desha will share her unique design sensibility in her book Create the Style you Crave on a Budget You Can Afford, the first book that combines New Thought Philosophy with Home Décor.

She has been quoted in the Huffington Post, Yahoo, Career Rookie, US News Money and made regular radio and TV appearances on This Show is So Gay and BCTV. Sign up for her newsletter to get free tips on how to live in your Sweet Spot or find her at


Desha and I want to know … where have you been waiting for permission to create something based on your inner calling? Maybe it’s decorating your home, the way you run your business, or the way you parent … where are you feeling a call to express YOUR style? Leave a comment below.


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