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Divine Self-Care Conversation: Client Spotlight – Alisa Auger



When I think of Alisa Auger, I think of colors, magic and music. I think of open hearted creativity. I think of vulnerability and authenticity. When you meet Alisa, you can instantly feel her warmth and openness. What you can’t see just by looking at her is that she’s also a brilliant musician and creativity coach. Through her own magical journey, Alisa has tapped into that sweet spot zone of genius where her music flows out of her in ways that are divinely guided. In our interview, Alisa shares her amazing story of tapping into this creative source of music and joy. She also shares how Self-Care has truly helped her to find new depths of connection to herself and her music.

I’m so blessed to have Alisa in the Divine Self-Care Circle Mastermind. I followed my own inner-guidance when I chose to create my course as a one-year journey. And I’m SO happy that I did. I get to know my clients in ways that have surprised me and blessed me in so many ways. In this circle, my clients have truly become my friends.

I hope you enjoy meeting Alisa as much I enjoy having her in my circle.






About Alisa:
Alisa Auger, aka The Creativity Muse, will guide you to find flow in your life and inspire you to unleash your creativity. Magic happens…when you CREATE your life!

Creativity Coach, Mantra Maker, Classical Pianist, Composer & Songwriter, Glass Artist, Piano Teacher, Yogi, Vegan, Peacemaker and LifeLover!


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Interview SELF-CARE

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice