My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Divine Self-Care Musings


Elena with Mandala
I believe you can trust your own pace.

I have no need to hustle just because everyone else is.

I have no need to get busy because it looks like I’m working.

I get to choose my pace.

I get to walk in and embody my work to the deepest levels of integrity.

When I’m tired, I pause to breathe, rest and hydrate.

When I’m in doubt, I trust.

I ask myself for the answers, because I know that I’m a channel for divine guidance.

When I’m scared, I admit it. And stay with it.

I don’t push through exhaustion.

I trust that inspiration comes from play, naps, rest, and laughter.

I speak my voice, and share my truth with hand on heart.


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Divine Self-Care Circle SELF-CARE

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice