My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

I don’t wake up at 4am … and you don’t have to either


There’s something magical about the 3-4 am witching hour.

At least that’s what I’ve heard from spiritual teachers over the years. To be honest, I’ve never been drawn to waking up at 4am.

Me … I LOVE my sleep. And since becoming a mama 11 years ago, sleep has become a sanctuary of peace, alone time and nourishment.

Now that doesn’t mean I always get the full 8 hours of sleep. In fact, one of my personal vices is staying up late at night eating snacks and watching some show on Netflix.

This pocket of time is my ME time, it’s my ‘don’t bother me’ time. It’s my well earned ‘no one is asking me to make food or help them with anything time’“.

I love that time. 

But over the last few years, I’ve started to love something even more… my morning time. The time in the early hours before anyone else in my house is awake. The hours where even my dog is still snoring.

It’s the time in the morning where I get to hear the quiet whispers of my own inner voice.

It’s the time in the morning where my writing feels like it’s emanating from my heart, or from a space above me, not even coming from my own mind. It feels like a secret time where I get to choose how I want to show up. It’s also a time I get to connect with my body by stretching, dancing, movement that honors my 41 years on this planet.

This time in the morning has become the seed that I plant each day. A seed that is blooming into an international business that inspires others, one where I get to lead by embodiment and showing up as the real, full version of me.

Each morning, by the time I’m done with the 3 steps in my signature Magic Morning practice, I feel turned on, lit up and ready to step into the level of presence and courage it takes to run a growing business and growing family.

The difference between that night-time ritual of snacking and Netflix, and the ritual in the morning of re-connecting to my divine guidance, my inner voice, and my body … is that one is a reaction of wanting to disappear and one is a conscious choice of being fully present.

So I had to ask myself some hard questions.

Questions like:

What am I willing to give up in order to truly claim the life I want?

Who do I have to BE each day in order to truly step into my full voice as a leader and mentor?

What have I been tolerating in my life that I’m ready to release?

Good questions right?

Try answering them for yourself and see what comes up for you.

Now, in all honesty, I DON’T wake up at 4am.

I LOVE sleeping. I always have.


But what I DID have to CHOOSE, was to give myself permission to have a Netflix night ON PURPOSE maybe once a week.

And then, the other nights, I get to sleep around 10:00pm. This way, I can wake up around 5:45 or 6am and have a full 30 min to an hour to give to ME, to my dreams and to connect with a life, a LIFE and vision that has been calling to me for years.
I’m finally able to claim it.

Now, this DOES NOT mean that you have to follow my exact steps.

In fact, in my Divine Self-Care Circle, when I teach the Magic Morning practice, I teach you to design it in a way that reflects YOUR life, YOUR family, and YOUR needs.
Then and only then will you become the CEO of YOUR life and work. Following someone else’s template will never work. Because YOU are not a template.

If this resonates with you and you are READY to make 2017 the year that you STOP tolerating, and START stepping into the lit up, turned on, inspired you … I invite you to join me on the journey back to YOU.

The doors to the Divine Self-Care Circle are opening again in January.  Grab your spot on the Early Bird Waitlist to get BONUSES and SURPRISES that are ONLY for those on the waitlist.

See you there.


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Divine Self-Care Circle

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice