My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Why do you even need a Dream Calendar?


I have a community of nearly 2,000 women in my Divine Self-Care Circle…

and when each woman joins this community, I ask the same question;

“What is your biggest challenge to finding time for Self-Care?”

Can you guess what the #1 answer is?

You probably guessed it.

They answer …

“I don’t have enough time for myself.”

Can you relate to that?

I know I can.

For years, I simply thought it was normal to squeeze in time for Self-Care on the weekends or vacations because that’s what I saw all around me.

Being hurried, rushed and exhausted with “busyness” seemed to be the accepted WAY of being.

Well, that way of being earned me and hundreds of women that I work with several unexpected consequences,

  • auto-immune diseases.
  • strained relationships.
  • no time for play.
  • no time for just resting.
  • no time for inviting friends over for regular get-togethers.
  • no time for hobbies.
  • no time for the thing in life that make me smile … unless I could figure out a way to squeeze them in.

Until one day, I simply couldn’t do it anymore. My body wouldn’t let me… my soul was crying out for MORE.

  • MORE YES to the things I wanted.
  • MORE NO to the things that were simply obligations and shoulds.

That’s when I realized that I actually had a choice in the way I show up in each and every day.

That was the beginning of my coaching work becoming laser-focused on teaching Self-Care as the WAY you show up in life.

Beyond the massages and Epsom baths (which are fabulous), living the Self-Care WAY is about:

  • Creating a clear vision of what you want to invest your time in
  • Breaking old agreements about perceived obligations and shoulds
  • Mindfully writing new agreements with yourself.
  • Learning to curate your time based on what YOU want for yourself, not what others think you should be doing.
  • Learning what needs to be deleted or delegated so that you gift yourself with MORE time for YOU.
  • SO… that’s the gist of the WHAT and WHY behind creating your Dream Calendar.

I’ve been helping my clients do this for years and doing this for my own life for nearly a decade.

Today, I choose the way I spend my time. I discover MORE of what makes me smile and make Sacred Promises to myself to invest my time in those experiences and people.

Now, I want to help you make 2018 the year that you STOP polishing your busy badge and START curating your life for health, wellness, joy, and play.

Are you ready to change things up?

The only thing you have to lose is the old way of BEING. And the thing you have to gain is FREEDOM, TRUST in YOU, and CONFIDENCE in living life on YOUR terms.

Click HERE or the button below and JOIN US to stop living life by default and begin living life in a way that inspires those around you to do the same.

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice