My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Fall in love with YOU this summer!


I LOVE summer!

I’ve always loved summer for so many reasons.

Besides the obvious magical bits and the relaxed days in the warm sunshine, I simply love the feeling of grass under my feet.

Ever since I was little, any chance I got I would kick off my shoes and run in the grass feeling the warmth of the earth rise into my body.

I love wearing flippy sandals and flowy dresses. And I especially love the way the light stays with us until nearly 10pm extending every meal, gathering and bedtime for the kiddos.

This summer I have set some personal intentions:

  • to create more space to be very present with each conversation and with my intuition
  • to get down in the dirt with my son and play, play, play
  • to meditate outside every morning
  • to nurture some form of delicious movement everyday
  • to love my body as-is even though I’m not at my optimal weight (who cares anyway right??? I LOVE my life, my family and my work) 

I say poo-poo to those gremlins that try to sabotage our relationship with our gorgeous selves. 

As my beautiful sister always reminds me … one day you’ll be a gorgeous old wrinkled & wise crone and look back at pictures of yourself as you are now and wonder, what the hell was I so worried about … I was (and am) GORGEOUS and HEALTHY.

It’s ALL about learning to LOVE yourself the way you are now and allowing your voice, your gifts and your light to shine through.

To kick-off this focus on Self-Love & summer of Self-Care 

you are invited to an amazing event that I am part of:

It’s called:

Have a Summertime Love Affair:
Fall in Love with YOU.

FREE Virtual Event-June 23-25

Get the details here:

Summertime Love Affair

14 Women Share their Inspirational Stories of Transformation, Business Building and True Self-Love and Acceptance hosted by Mary Bicknell.
Mary Bicknell, works with women to find the Blind Spots keeping them from having the delicious, yummy love of their lives; from feeling better than “just” good enough; and from having a business or career that is both personally rewarding and financial prosperousMediocre is out, extraordinary is in. 

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Meditation Self-Care Strategies Workshop

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice