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Francesca Giessmann Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}



Q – What does Divine Self-Care mean to you? 

Divine Self-Care is that heart pumping feeling of being GRATEFUL.  Not the bullshit one but the visceral one that comes down from your core.  The one that says: I am HERE.  I AM enough.  This is ENOUGH.

Being present was a hard lesson for me and only with the scary cancer diagnosis and the subsequent brutal treatment forced me to explore this act of SUPREME self-care.


Q  – Was there a time when you did not take care of YOU and how did it affect your life & business?

Right after my 8 month treatment for Stage IV cancer finished, I was in a very hard place.  People around me were saying: move on, you are done. Lets get back to life.


I needed to pick up the pieces, to digest it all and find a new life and not simply get my old life back.  It was hard but it was part of the journey.

Q – What are your top 3 Divine Self-Care tips that women can incorporate into their lives?

Tip 1DO not compare yourself to others.  No other mom or business woman.  You are the Divine YOU and THAT is LOVE. The whole super mom, super business woman, super {fill in the blank} is silly.

Tip 2 – Slow down and sleep. (OK! that is already 2) but people need to slow down and sleep.  I work with women that are leading healthy lives, eating clean, working out but are sick with so many hormonal or adrenal issues because their body is stressed and they are sleep deprived.

Tip 3 – Find what you LOVE and DO IT, even for free.

Q – What’s something (fun, silly, surprising) that we can learn about you?

I am Italian and I still carry with me some superstitious rituals that I watched my family perform. I can’t see a hat on a bed or a shoe up side down, I need to go and turn it up. When I walk in a shoe store and I see all these shoes up side down I want to flip them all 🙂   But I find that superstition are really rituals … and I love rituals.



Francesca Giessmann is a Nutrition and Lifestyle coach and the owner of The Nourishing Seed.  

As a health coach, I work with those who want to maximize their energy, improve their mood, achieve their optimal weight, and rediscover their confidence. The Nourishing Seed’s mission is to educate and support clients to take an active role in their health. My goal is to provide individuals with the necessary tools to make better choices when it comes to food, exercise, self-care, and relationships. I facilitate life improvements by challenging clients to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action.


WANNA PLAY with Francesca? Her new Summer Detox is coming on June 1st.  The HOT + HEALTHY SUMMER DETOX program is based on an elimination diet is a perfect re-set for you to ditch the diet forever and start owning your health and getting your MOJO back.  Simple and time honored with an online community to support you and fully coached by Francesca.  Come spend the summer with this amazing woman and find your way to radiant health.



NOW … Francesca and I want to know: What area of your life is ready for a detox? What ONE habit are you holding on to and are ready to release?

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice