My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Getting To Yes Or No … Using Your Intuition and Body As a Compass


As a mom and an entrepreneur I literally make dozens of decisions each day. From choosing what to pack for my son’s lunch  … to what topics to explore in my next blog post so I can continue to inspire and share my purpose.

So how do I know if the decision is right? 

There are TWO ways I can answer this one.

First, WHO CARES if it’s right!

and second … it’s right because YOU say it is.

OK… let me clarify.

When I say WHO CARES if it’s right, I mean that there are decisions that you make in your life and business that won’t make sense to anyone else. And that really doesn’t matter. YOU are the one who has to believe in your purpose, your vision and your WHY!

If you check your decision with 10 people, you’ll get 10 different answers based onTHEIR life lens and their level of risk, comfort and aesthetics.

This is not the same as going to a trusted coach, mentor or advisor who can guide you back to your own wisdom and help you avoid pitfalls because they have been there.

For example, when a client or friend, or heck… even my son comes to me asking me for my opinion .. do I have one? ABSOLUTELY!!! I am pretty opinionated on, well … most things.

But, I’ve also come to learn that the best answer is within YOU.

You’re the one who has to go to sleep and wake up in your skin and in your life. My opinion may inform you because perhaps I’ve gone through the leg-work and can give you ideas and resources to save time, money and even inspire new ways of seeing something.

But ultimately, you’re the one who gets to live with your decision.

And that brings me to my 2nd point. It’s right because YOU say it is. 

I’m going to share something that I haven’t shared before because I know it will be valuable to some of you. 

Even though I have been working or running a business since I was 12 years old and have always had my own money to spend … and the knowing of my own voice, I have had this little pesky  gremlin in my head that makes me feel like I have to get “permission” to spend money … especially on ME.

These days, I don’t do this (much) anymore … but I’ve always felt like if someone (meaning my husband) says, “go for it honey, you deserve it!”, that I have permission to spend on the new shoes, the spa day, the coaching or the new pillow I’ve been dying for because mine is now as flat as a pancake.

WHY do I do this? I don’t know!!! Ok … maybe I do know.

It’s because as a mama and a woman, I’ve heard this subtle message of martyrdom and sacrifice as an honorable way to walk through life. Nobody is actually saying this directly to me, but the message is still there.

So how do we change this?

I believe we begin by changing the way we actually get to the YES or NO on ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL.

The next time you make a decision, instead of calling your 5 best friends, your husband or your neighbor … take a pause, get still and check in with your body.

Your body is a brilliant compass of knowing. It has a storage bank of all of your experiences, beliefs and lessons within each cell.

You can start by practicing on smaller things like, “what should I eat for lunch?” and then listening quietly. Tune into any sensations in your gut, your pelvis, your throat, and any images or feelings that come up.

WHATEVER comes up, trust it.

Act on it.  (this is the key!)

Know that you are being guided by the very cells in your body that are made up of the same things as the Universe and the divine.

Here are some daily mantras that I use:

  • I am guided
  • I am divinely guided
  • I trust my body
  • I trust my inner knowing
  • I trust my intuition
  • I trust my guidance
  • I release the need for approval

These are just samples of the many ways you can begin to trust yourself fully.

I walk you through a unique process to get to the magnetic answer to “what do you do???”

“Embody Your Brand”
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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice