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Grace Kelly Talks About Divine Self-Care {Interview}


I met Grace Kelly at a pivotal crossroad in my own business. I was  at a crucial point of tapping into my purpose, my passion and making decisions that would affect my work from that point on. From our first conversation, Grace was able to help my dig into the WHY behind my work in a way I had not done before. She was able to push past my surface fear-based responses and really help my get behind the root of my passion which has evolved into my business as it is today. By asking me tough questions, and walking with me to get to the crystal clear answers, she helped me to find clarity, confidence and a new way to see my brand and business.

As you will learn in this interview, Grace has learned this powerful mentor style through walking her own path of questioning and answering the hard questions in her own life. With dedication, persistence and an unwillingness to accept a lesser version of life, she broke through to a place where her business, her life and her passion have found a divine place of existence. It’s from this place that Grace helps her clients break through their own limitations and connect with their own divine purpose.

It’s my sincere pleasure to introduce one of my own mentors and true inspirations, Grace Kelly.

Q. What does self-care mean to you?Grace Kelly _ Interview Image

Self-Care is a means to an end. And that end result is really why we practice it. For me I practice self-care as a means to awakening greater vitality so that I can get on with my purpose and earn in a way I love. So there’s a big reason for implementing it when you consider that my work, my wealth and my wellbeing depend on it!

But self-care is not just about massages and eating right I believe real self-care happens when you prioritize what truly inspires you, the result of which is always greater energy and opportunity in life and business. When I hear clients or find myself needing to ramp up the self-care I know that it’s time to delegate and to commit more to what we love and less of what we don’t.

You see the body’s always feeding back, so signs and symptoms from tiredness to boredom to lack of motivation or illness is evidence that you’re not doing what you love  or you’re not being true to your values and purpose, because when you are, the result is always greater vitality therefore eliminating the need for masses of self-care.

Q. How did you get to this place of knowing that self-care is so important?

I burnt-out. For 7 years I led a hectic CityGirl life in London.

As a French Teacher, I spent my days in the classroom bored and without adequate challenge, picking up a monthly salary I’d then spend on recovering my health with private doctors, healers and chiropractors. As I discovered burn-out is not just about doing too much it can also be the consequence of being off purpose and not challenged enough.

Anyway my life didn’t make sense, I was constantly getting ill and working just to pay for my health. I remember waking up Sept 1, 2011 and rushing out to start the new school term and as I got on that crowded train, without breakfast, head spinning and back into the 9-5 rush, I felt like crying.

I decided there and then that this would be the last year I’d spend living life drained and working in a school , not doing what I loved. By then end of that school year I was out, en route to Italy with my partner where I took the  year off to both recuperate and build my way into what I wanted to do next.

My wellbeing sky rocketed and as I began to eat seasonal local foods, not the imported crap I’d been used to in London, I felt a surge of transformation, the sun helped too but most importantly the real vitality was unleashed when I started working in a way that was more me. I delved into discovering greater levels of my purpose and 2 years in I’m running a 6 figure business with the greatest health I’ve ever had in my working life.

Sure I still get tired, bored and twice a year I may get ill , the difference now though is that I see the feedback and course correct knowing that it’s time to get going with more of what I love.

Q. What are your top 3 Self-Care Tips?

My top 3 tips are the self-care strategies that I use and which I believe have led to greater success in my health and business.

Tip 1)   Beam and Create first thing. This is the daily meditation I’ve been doing since Feb 2013.

The last 7 minutes are the most powerful it’s where we beam and create our future using the breath and vision.

Start your day with this, if even just the last section, it’ll clear the debris and awaken vital forces for a productive day ahead. Meditation is not hard and it’ll never be over-rated!

Tip 2)   Grab your own oxygen mask first.

Put your own mask on by prioritising what’s truly inspiring to you and delegating all the stuff you hate doing to someone who loves doing it, this frees up your energy, releases stress and gives you way more time for the things you love, the root of real self-care success!

 Tip 3) Try on the bigger size.

Marie Forleo taught me to double the containers of time I was giving myself for the tasks I do by implementing bigger containers we let go of the rush and things can flow.

So stop trying to squeeze things in at the last minute or in a stingy way.

Go bigger with time, cash and space and watch your wellbeing and business automatically grow.

Grace Kelly is Career Transformation Mentor, she helps women feel great and earn more doing work they love. Formally a burnt-out French Teacher in London, Grace swapped her hectic city life, for a life of doing what she loves whilst living in sun drenched southern Italy. As creator of the CityGirl Career Style™ System, Grace helps women identify and create businesses and careers more in line with their values, purpose and personal style.

She successfully built her own 6-figure business in the space of 6 short months and most recently her brand, CityGirl Confidence, was chosen by Forbes as a Top Website for Women.

Your turn. Grace has inspired ME to “try on the bigger size” in my life and business. As you look at your own life and work, where can commit to trying on a bigger size and stepping fully into your purpose?

Leave a comment below with your response.




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  • Michelle January 6, 2014, 5:50 pm

    Love this wisdom from Grace, especially: “…real self-care happens when you prioritize what truly inspires you.” Adding to my inspiration board.

  • admin January 6, 2014, 7:10 pm


    Isn’t it SO true. When we can tap into what our heart & soul desires, then we can say YES to our true purpose.

    Cheers & thank you for your comment.

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