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Heather Chauvin Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}



One of my favorite parts about working as the Divine Self-Care mentor is that I get to meet and play with wildly amazing and successful {busy} women around the world. These women are teaching, inspiring and changing the face of business as we know it. One of these incredible women is named Heather Chauvin.

Like most of my soul sisters in my interview series, Heather
and I were instantly drawn to each other and quickly connected
to learn more about our lives, our work and our missions. I have
to say, in many ways, it was like looking in the mirror when we
got to the nitty gritty of being a mom, a business owner and figuring out how to keep ourselves first on our list. I hope you enjoy meeting this incredible and inspiring woman as much as I did.

Q – What does Divine Self-Care mean to you?

Divine Self-Care to me means paying very close attention to my inner desires and allowing myself to go down that path of self discovery. It’s about honouring what my intuition is telling me and moving forward guilt free. It’s about understanding that it’s a right not a privilege to take care of myself body, mind and soul.


Q – Was there a time when you did not take care of YOU and how did it affect your life & business?

Yes. A few years ago. Like most I grew up not knowing that taking care of yourself was actually something I was suppose to do. I was taught it was ‘selfish’ so I went along my merry way, just doing. Everything fell apart. I was on autopilot. It wasn’t until I started my business that I understood the importance of living a conscious lifestyle.

Q – What are your top 3 Divine Self-Care tips that women can incorporate into their lives?

1) Learn to pay attention to your breath. Do it now! It’s always with you. It’s your guide.
2) If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Or if you ABSOLUTELY have to (like your taxes) make it fun!
3) Smile and don’t apologize for things you have no control over.

Q – What’s something (fun, silly, surprising) that we can learn about you?

I’m very shy when meeting new people in the flesh, especially when I know they read my blog.
I also love to dance. I usually start my day like this. My kids think I’m crazy.
Facebook: heatherchauvincoaching
IG: @HeatherChauvin

Heather Chauvin, BSW, is a parenting expert and guide for mothers who want the freedom to trust themselves and to reconnect with their children and partners. Heather helps her clients to create a life that is lived on their own terms. Together, they break free of the patterns and norms given to them by society and past generations in order to redefine motherhood.

Heather is a mental health and self-esteem expert with a Bachelor of Social Worker Degree and wide variety of continuing education certification in the mental health and holistic sector. Her work has been featured in multiple media outlets including the OWN network and Huffington Post. She also sits on the Medical Advisory Board with the not for profit agency Enchanted Makeovers and facilitates local grant programs in coordination with the Dove Self Esteem Foundation curriculum.

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice