My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

I know how hard it is to slow down


untitled-741-Edit-2I believe that to live a passion and purpose-driven life, we’re meant to teach what we most need to learn in a way that ignites the divine spark in others.

In my work, I teach clients to live from their heart and to make and keep promises to themselves.

In guiding others to do those things, it reinforces for me to do the same, to walk my talk. YESSS!!!

My husband and I have consciously designed our life over the years. My life now is a WHOLE LOT different than it was before.

I lived in New York City before I was married. As a proud NYC girl, I thrived on the pace, bright lights, fashion, and availability of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING 24 hrs a day. I’ve actually said the words, “Why would you want to live anywhere else?” And I really meant it.

Now, 20 yrs, 2 states, a husband and a son later … I am singing a different tune from the Pacific Northwest and at a much slower pace.

I still love NYC and get back to see friends and family at least once a year. I LOVE the tastes and sounds of NYC and it will always have a place in my heart for the rhythm, inspiration and the pure innovative pace of the city life.

But today, I get to wake up and step outside to a beautiful green space with deer and other wild animals walking through my back yard.  My son gets to play like kids played in old movies … you know, hunting frogs, getting muddy and running over to his buddy’s house two doors down.

I’m not saying that this life is for you … what I am saying is that you can design your life to reflect what you want and need in each stage of life.

You can mindfully and consciously choose and create a lifestyle that fits your needs. No matter what your life is like right at this moment, you get to choose how you start each day and how you spend your time. 

I know, I know … you’re already doing so much. What I’m suggesting is that you take a good hard look at what’s on your plate right now. What have you said YES to that you really wanted to say NO to?

After coaching and working with hundreds over women over the years, I’ve seen first hand what happens when you begin to slowly remove things from your life that no longer serve your core values.

By mindfully slowing down, you make space to start asking yourself questions like:

How do I want to spend my time?
What’s are my core values?
What’s my purpose?
What limiting beliefs are holding me back?

By slowing down and answering those questions, you consciously make decisions based on what’s most important to you now. As life evolves and changes, you can get stuck in a rut of doing things because you’ve always done them or because others have told you that’s what you should be doing. 

Life is meant to be lived on YOUR terms, from YOUR heart & soul. 

If you’re ready to explore creating your life, business and relationships based on your divine essence, grab a spot on my calendar and we’ll dive into what’s most important to see how you can do MORE of that and less of just being busy.


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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice