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Divine Self-Care Client Spotlight Series with Jennifer Gabiola {Watch or Listen}


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I’m so thrilled to share today’s interview with you. I have the absolute pleasure of working personally with Jennifer since she gracefully stepped into my Divine Self-Care Circle in January 2016, and is now one of our guest mentors.

Her work, her presence and her dedication to empowering introverted leaders to step into their power is absolutely incredible.

During this interview Jennifer and I explore what it means to be introverted in a loud, extroverted world. We also dive deep into what it means to truly make an impact YOUR way. During our conversation, Jennifer shares what it means for her to stand up and claim the ICON status and how she’s helping other quiet leaders to make a big impact without sacrificing their unique essence, voice and personal style.

Sit back, grab some tea and your journal and watch the interview now:

OR you can listen here:

Jennifer Dawn Gabiola helps introverted leaders own their quiet voice and fierce power to build brands that make a big impact. Through her business, Dawning Soul, she uses her 18+ years of branding and design experience to provide heart-centered strategy, exquisite design and soulful presence and style support to create meaningful brands. She supports these quiet leaders through her private coaching, masterminds, live events and her signature online branding course for introverts, “Quiet Voice. Big Impact.” She also offers inspiration through her Dawning Soul poetic apparel collection to help women radiate their true inner beauty and power from the inside out. 


She has been featured in The Huffington Post and Well Being World.


Sign up for her free visibility training for intoverts:


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Private Facebook Group: Quiet Voice Big Impact Community





Jennifer & I want to know… what does being a leader, YOUR WAY, mean to you?
Leave a comment below.

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice