My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Is there an “I had a crappy day mantra?”


There are those days when everything I teach, coach and put into my self-care routine just don’t seem to be working!

There are those days when I wake up, do my 10 minutes of bathroom duty {HA – pun intended}, and I practice my EFT tapping and mantras in my miracle book, and I do my yoga. Ugh…and it feels like I’m moving through molasses.

There are those days when I don’t feel like the international spiritual super-star that I envision in my guided meditations.

There are those days that just feel like crap. 


These are the days when my doubt gremlins are throwing a party in my mind and I can just feel my heart racing on the track of fear. This isn’t the first or last time that a crappy moment turned into a crappy day. But you know what? More and more, I can take that crappy , half-assed kinda day and turn it into something better.

But I’ve learned that sometimes, I just need to let it be. These are the moments I realize that I am growing and changing. And that sometimes, change can be painful. Because whenever you change and choose something new, you are leaving something behind. You can’t drive two cars at one time, so you have to choose.
I remember learning about how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Did you know that in order to transform into glorious beautiful butterfly, the caterpillar has to completely dissolve into a liquid state. And from that destruction, comes transformation. And I’m sure that at the time, it seems to the caterpillar that she is having one heck of a crappy day.And when you do choose, there are things that you leave behind. Whether they are old ideas, patterns, dreams, or friends.


If she only knew what was coming. But she doesn’t, and yet she builds her chrysalis. Not even knowing that it will mean her own demise and re-birth. She just knows that she is following her calling to be something better, something amazing. And yet, at the moment, it’s a crappy day.

Like the butterfly, you are making new choices, building new ways of being in your life. And with that change come moments of doubt, fear and yes crappy feelings.

Is there an “I had a crappy day mantra?”

What I’ve learned for myself, and what I teach the women in my courses and programs is to accept where you are. It’s not the moment of feeling crappy that can make or break your dream.

It’s whether you let that crappy day become and excuse to slip further down the slope of despair and doubt, or whether you accept that a crappy day is a nudge from the Universe to slow it down and take a much needed pause. It’s the Universe telling you that it’s time for a “spiritual shavasana“.

So on those crappy days, give yourself a break, both literal and spiritual. Take some time to get into a place that inspires you in nature. Give yourself time to do nothing at all. There is a natural rhythm and flow to life. Sometimes you are expanding and vibrating at a beautiful pace. And there are those moments where you can exhale and just be exactly where you are. Tomorrow is  new day.

In the meantime, you can write these in your journal and take a few minutes to close your eyes and repeat the following mantras out loud a few times.

  • “I am connected to source and I allow guidance to flow through me.”
  • “I release all fear and limiting beliefs.”
  • “I am growing and changing in powerful ways, and I am ready for the next step.”

You are exactly where you need to be.


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Love, light & gratitude,



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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice