My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Keri Nola and Lloyd Burnett talk collaboration and Divine Self-Care {Interview}


Keri and Lloyd _ Interview


Keri Nola & Lloyd Burnett Talk about Sacred Partnership and what it really takes to collaborate … and we’ll throw in some Divine Self-Care because as we all know, being able to hang with, play with, support and give to others starts with YOU.


So many of us are co-creating with others in our business … how’s it going for you??

If you’ve had any hiccups, make sure to watch this discussion and see the most common pitfalls and what it really takes to create in the space of magic and love.


Make sure you watch to the end where you might just see a bit of twerking!!!




About Keri Nola – 

Intuitive Psychotherapist • Best-Selling Author • Conscious Business Coach for LightworkersWhile building and maintaining a thriving clinical practice for nearly a decade, Keri has now expanded her passion for the healing arts by creating a virtual coaching academy to support spiritual entrepreneurs in awakening their gifts to share their products and services with the world. She is on a mission to ignite a global, heart centered revolution that allows healers to have the confidence, clarity, and skills they need to bring more light to the planet at this time
About Lloyd Burnett – 
Life Coach • Best-Selling Author • Spiritual Teacher
Lloyd’s passion lies in helping conscious entrepreneurs understand the gifts of fear and blocks in their business. He’s been called a “business shaman” because he guides his clients through a powerful process of clearing blocks and allowing the authentic self to shine through in every aspect of their business. His mission is to show conscious entrepreneurs how embracing all parts of themselves shifts how they experience their business from lack and struggle to abundance and satisfaction.

Together with Lloyd Burnett and Keri Nola, I want to invite you to go deep and awaken your inner healer.

Check out the Healer’s Retreat and join the movement of light-workers attracting the souls who need your work the most.

Check out their upcoming retreat HERE.





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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice