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Mallory Hainey Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


I love meeting amazing women who are taking their own personal stories of overcoming struggle and using those lessons to help Mallory Haineytransform the lives of others. Those lessons learned become the seeds of transformation for so many others dealing with the same issues.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a woman is doing just that. Mallory Hainey has taken her personal struggles with emotional eating and turned those lessons into tools for helping others. Today, she shares her personal journey and how Self-Care has been a part of that daily journey. Mallory also shares her top 3 tips for daily Self-Care. Enjoy: 

Q: What does divine self-care mean to you?

Mallory: Divine self-care means being the leader of my life. It means having the courage, the vulnerability, the presence and the trust to do the things that make me feel deeply alive.

You see, there is a part of every woman that is incredibly potent; it is that part that is unstoppable. Within this part, she knows there are greater possibilities, she sees fear and does stuff anyway, she makes things happen. But when a woman stops being the leader of her own life, she forgets how to tap into the ferocious parts of her. Divine Self-Care is taking the time to cultivate the greatness that lies deep within, to live fully and joyfully (even when stuff is hitting the fan).

Q: How did you get to this place of knowing that self-care is so important?

MalloryFor so long I wanted to make EVERYONE around me happy, big goal for a little girl. Turned out not everyone was willing to receive all the love I wanted to share. So this self-appointed responsibility became a means for feeling misunderstood, powerless and not good enough. Unconsciously I decided I could support them by crawling into their muck with them. Which did nothing to help them get out of the sh*t-pile they were in and continued to break down my own self-worth. I started to use food to #1 comfort me and #2 literally stuff all that I was down. I feel like I battled with food and dieting and in at the same time losing that connection to my courageous badass self over and over. That is until I recognized my patterns and made my life, my Divine Self-Care, the priority.

Q:What are your top 3 self-care tips that women can incorporate into their lives?

Mallory: Tune into your own needs and lear to do what is best for you!

Here are three of my favorite strategies for self-care:

1. Make mornings about you. I get out of bed before my 3 month old wakes up. I cook a real meal and eat it sitting down. It is so peaceful and nourishing to every part of me.  I also make my bed and open the curtains to let the sun in. These things are so simple, they take 15 minutes total. But they are so potent! Choose you.

2. Ask for something beautiful. I know it sounds kind of silly but I have a daily practice of asking to see something beautiful. This opens my eyes to the beauty that is already around me. Life can be overwhelming and mundane all at once if we let it. While others around us may choose to live in stressed out/unhappy mode, by asking for something beautiful or inspiring, you can enjoy the breeze on your face, the sparkle in the little girls’ smile, the chocolate bar, or the YouTube video that lifts your mood.

3. Declare you matter right before lights out– I alternate between a few main staples depending on my needs, but I spend 3 minutes tops! Before bed I rub coconut oil all over me, lay on two tennis balls for a make shift back massage, or simply light a candle and breathe deep. I do this to honor my body and clear any judgments or stress I picked up in the day. This way I spend the next 8 hours feeling a sense of ease and lightness.

Mallory Hainey is the founder of Be Happy Inc. where she uses energy techniques to transform people’s relationship with food, with their bodies and to reconnect with their happiness. She has built a bridge to get over her own emotional eating struggles and uses that bridge to help other cross it! Visit her at


What was your take-away or favorite tid-bit from Mallory’s interview? I’d love to know.

And is there someone you think I should hi-light in my Divine Self-Care Interview Series? Let me know my leaving a comment with their name, or e-mailing me at


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