My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

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My first public speaking engagement was when I was in grade school and I had to put on a presentation about the importance of manners at the dinner table. The speech was for my drama class and it was the most terrifying and exciting moment. I LOVED that I could hold the attention of a room full of people. I loved that I could speak from my heart and create emotion in the hearts of people in front of me. I was 11  years old and I’ve been using my words to  ever since.

I LOVE getting to share my heart, change lives and inspire transformation. From corporate America where I was a corporate trainer, teaching management and technology skills to present day where I get to share my passion for the Art & Impact of Self-Care… I’ve always loved to weave a story with meaning.



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FABULOUS – I love public speaking and engaging with women to uncover their brilliance and tap into their authentic voice! I’ve been teaching and speaking to audiences large and small for over a decade as a corporate trainer, in my local community and online. I’ve been featured by dozens of blogs and media outlets about subjects as diverse as spirituality, self-care, resilience, branding, and brand style.

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* Self-Care is allowing yourself to have joyful experiences. My passion in life to inspire you to become your #1 asset in Life, Business & the Bedroom.

Popular Topics:

  • The NEW Divine Feminine Metrics of Success – Ease, Pleasure, Play, Grace & a Slower Pace
  • Self-Care Practices for Positive Presence in the Workplace
  • Self-Care & Being a Present-Patient-Playful Mama
  • Self-Care and Attracting Honest, Authentic and Lasting Relationships

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I am so passionate about the power of Self-Care to help elevate Life, Business and your presence in the Bedroom. I know I can activate and light-up your audience.

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Images from my slot as Keynote Speaker at BeGEAT! Seattle 2015.

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

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