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Rhoda Jordan Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}




It’s my insanely sincere pleasure to introduce you to Rhoda Jordan, a soul-sister who is hell bent on teaching you to love yourself, to be present and to tap into the power of spirit.

Rhoda knows what it’s like to run around trying to accomplish goals and get things done while leaving her own Self-Care, health and wellness last on the list. Check our Rhoda’s story and how things shifted for her.


Q – What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care means being gentle with myself. It means taking the time to nourish my spirit from the inside-out. It means slipping out of my headspace and listening to my whole inner space — listening to all the things that my body, heart, and soul tell me on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s hard to listen, because there are so many distractions! So I really work to stay on top of carving out the time I need to love and care for myself.

Q – How did you get to this place of knowing that self-care is so important?

I used to be that person who said “yes” to everything, even though I secretly wanted to say “no” at many points! I wanted to make everyone happy. I shut down everything my heart told me just to please others. And you know what? After awhile, it just destroyed me.
I was low on energy. My face was broken out. And I just plain didn’t feel happy.
All of that changed when I embraced a conscious path. I started meditating, eating healthy food, taking long walks, disentangling myself from toxic friendships, embracing my sensuality, and honoring all of the things I felt. Just by doing all of these things, I felt more vibrant and in love with every aspect of my life!

Q – What are your top 3 self-care tips that women can incorporate into their lives?


Tip #1: Stay connected to your breath. Let it be deep, let it be full. Let it fill your belly all the way up. Do this when you’re sitting at your desk, when you’re out running errands, when you’re waiting in line at the store. It’ll make a difference in the way you feel every day. You’ll find that energy and joy come to you effortlessly.
Tip #2: Move your body every day. Stretch, dance, run, do yoga, shake, move your hips around. Whatever you have to do to connect with your body — do it! We spend far too much time

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in our minds, and not enough time honoring the pool of wisdom that is the body. When we start connecting to the body, we start opening up to our spontaneity, our intuition, our energy, and our natural ability to rejuvenate ourselves!

Tip #3: Engage in something that brings you pleasure for at least 10 minutes a day. Whether it’s painting, reading a book, meditating, making love, calling your best friend, or hiking, make the time to do it. All of us can find 10 minutes for things like that in our day! Sometimes we feel silly or guilty about honoring the things that bring us pleasure, but we have to push all of that aside. Making your pleasure a priority is a life-changing, soul-enhancing thing!

Rhoda Jordan is a spiritual teacher + writer + speaker. A devoted artist, Rhoda also works as a filmmaker + performer, and co-manages a film production company (Wildlight Films) with her husband.

Check out Rhoda’s website to learn more about living a happy + healthy + sexy life:

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