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Sometimes You Leap And Then Wish You Didn’t!



First of all, thank you so much for finding your way to my blog. If this is your first time here, welcome and so much gratitude. If you’re a regular visitor, then gratitude to you for believing in me and my work.

Today, I need to step into a bubble of gratitude in a big way. There have been so many amazing shifts in my life and my business over the last year. As I look back I can see the various dots connecting, I can clearly see that each dot represents a moment in time that I said YES to something even though I was scared. Each dot represents a moment in time when I was scared and did it anyway. Each dot represents a moment of growth and a corresponding moment of doubt.

As I began to step out {and continue to step out in new ways} and allow myself to be seen, {video, writing, workshops, coaching etc.} I began to notice a cycle that would happen. The cycle was one of getting inspired, taking action on the inspiration and then something would happen, either personal or in my business, that activated my doubt. And if I’m completely honest, there are countless times that I have let the doubt stop my in my tracks. I’ve justified the doubt with very real reasons, mostly fear-based.


This doubt can be a powerful element that stops a dream in its tracks. And that’s where my faith, my inner-spiritual work and my Self-Care routine are crucial to keeping my heart in the right place.

Self-Care is what has kept me sane, connected to the divine forces in my life and moving forward in creating my dreams.

Self-Care is about creating a life based on loving myself at the deepest levels and allowing that love to spread to those around me.

Self-Care is about taking time to look my dear friend in the eye and listen well without judgement.

Self-Care is about knowing that showing up fully, rested and fulfilled is a gift to my son and husband.

Self-Care is about showing up to a call with my client and knowing that I can hold the space for their highest vision and KNOW that they can do the work necessary, because I have done it myself and know it’s possible and SO worth it.

Self-Care is about respecting myself enough to make and keep promises to myself on a daily basis, and allow for being human as well.

Self-Care is about feeling the guilt that arises when I take time away from being a mama and doing it anyway.

Self-Care is a lifestyle and one that I am proud of because it creates the space for the tears, the silence, the magic and the success that I know I can create.

Today, I am taking another one of those leaps and feeling the doubt creep in. {I’ll share all the details soon}.

So I create the space for a walk in the woods around my home, and I create the space to have a  good cry because I almost let the doubt and fear stop me. And I am creating the space to gain clarity on my leap so that each step feels good and joyful. I am taking time to connect with a trusted mentor, and get clear honest feedback and reflection. And I am moving forward. Even though there was a real moment when I wish I didn’t. But that was just a moment. And I breathe into it, and keep going one step at a time.

Why Am I Sharing This?

I’m sharing the dark moments because I want you to know, as a mama, wife, entrepreneur and woman, that things are sometimes hard. And that’s ok. And I want you to know that the journey to create a life you love is one with bumps. But if you choose the journey and take the leap to create a life and business based on your most cherished values and feelings, it will always be worth it.

I want you to know that taking the leap and honoring yourself is ALWAYS worth it.

Your Turn:

What’s a big leap that you’ve taken, or are about to take? And what does it bring up for you?


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  • Dejana January 28, 2014, 11:44 am

    Hi Elena,
    Thank you sharing so beautifully, and articulating what many of us are going through. I just resigned yesterday, with no clear vision, and I’m not ready but I realized I never will be. Maybe we’re ready when we realize we never will be. Reading your story helped me see that there are bumps ahead of me, but also that it’s worth it.
    Much love to you!

  • admin January 28, 2014, 9:59 pm


    I SO honor the moment and feeling that you are in right now. It’s a scary, exhilarating space to be in.

    I wish you amazing success on your journey. If you’d like to talk more about the next steps for you, feel free to schedule a complimentary session with me on the upper right part of this blog page.

    Warmest regards,

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice