My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Tash Mitch talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}


Tash Mitch _ Interview


I’m so thrilled to share this interview with you today. Tash Mitch has a very special kind of energy that only happens over a lifetime to self-reflection, divine inspiration and doing the work to tap into the unique magic of your soul.

There’s an air of wisdom and joy that emanates from Tash and invites you to pause and listen.

I know you’ll enjoy this magnetic and activating conversation as much as I did. ENJOY.






About Tash Mitch in her own words:

“I have a love of Art, Music, Business, Dance, Expression, Creativity, Books, Conversation, Energy Work and Divinity. So my question in terms of my work was always how  I could express all of my loves at the same time. The answer was to make my work an artful expression of every aspect of my Divine self. Combining Life & Business Coaching with Vibrational Healing has allowed me to bring my full self to the table.”


Tash Mitch is a creative, a life and business coach, an energy alchemist and a writer. She works with women to help them align to their Divinity, their intuition and their life & business purpose. Her focus is on supporting and coaching women to reach for the things they are most passionate about in their lives, the things that they crave to do but find incredibly daunting or the impossible dreams that is so exciting and feels a galaxy away to them, her speciality is taking thoughts, ideas and visions and turning them into an earthy reality. Her career started off in Media Advertising first for BBC Worldwide and then for Music Week Magazine so she brings a wealth of business knowledge from this background as well. She is the Author of the book Artists of Health, which is a series of conversations and photography with innovators and practitioners of Natural Health. Additionally she is a teacher of Energy Work and Energy Mastery.

You can find more about Tash at www. and make sure to check out Tash’s amazing course to activate your Sacred Divine.



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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice