My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

The time is NOW


I don’t usually talk about politics in my blog posts.

I like to stay focused on the work of sharing my stories, exploring the path of conscious living through Self-Care rituals, and continuing to inspire and activate you to see yourself as the brilliant light that you are.

While some people may think my work is all about getting manicures and massages onto your calendar, there’s a deeper agenda that I have in my heart.

That agenda is all about YOU granting yourself permission to want the things you want and to SAY the things you need to say.

Silence may be golden in many circumstances, but silence can also be a seen a consent in areas of your life that you may actually want change or don’t agree with.

There are many people in the USA and around the world today who are sad, frustrated and angry at the new president of the US and wondering how this could have happened.

And, I don’t know what side you’re on. And it really doesn’t matter. Because either way, I’m on YOUR side.

I KNOW that when a woman fully steps into her power, her voice and her intuition, MOUNTAINS CAN BE MOVED.

By learning to meet your own needs, to connect deeply with your intuitive voice and to value your time, you will become a force of change in your life, business, the bedroom and THE WORLD. I’ve seen it in with the women I’ve worked with over the last 17 years as coach, friend, and woman on a mission to illuminate the world with beauty and truth.

The TRUE ROI of Self-Care and learning to value yourself and your time:

  • You learn to stop putting up with things that you disagree with.
  • You take an active role in creating an environment in your life and home where you thrive, not just survive
  • You begin to value your TIME and start saying NO to things you no longer want to commit to
  • You realize that YOU are your best asset and begin to invest time, money and energy in growing as a person
  • You take on the new DIVINE FEMININE metrics of success – PLAY, PLEASURE, EASE, GRACE and a SLOWER PACE so that you can tap into and follow YOUR inner knowing.
  • Disconnect from the HUSTLE and what others thing you should be doing, saying and thinking
  • Learn to make a BIG IMPACT by doing LESS, so that you the focus and energy to give to the people, things, and movements that are important to you.

And THIS well nourished, powerful and magical YOU is the REAL you. The YOU that is going to blossom and remember how truly worthy you are.


Don’t take my word for it, here is some love for the work I LOVE to do:

“I cannot recommend the work she does highly enough, if you feel an inner pull then I suggest you jump into her work, you will not be disappointed. Elena Lipson has a unique blend of skills and life experience that quite simply invites up to the surface the best of each individual she works with. It is very intuitive, very specific and entirely heartfelt.
In fact, you may thrive, play, dance and activate a whole new level of brilliance into your life.”
~ Sharon

“I first learned about Elena Lipson and her work a few years ago. I followed and watched what she does, and kept thinking, ‘I’ve got to tap into that energy, vibe.’

Joining Elena’s Inner Circle has been the BEST decision for me this year; for me, for my business and for my heart. Although my resistance gremlins are wreaking havoc on my plans, Elena’s gentle manner, and intention.

Elena’s message and deep self-care teachings really resonated with me. I thought long and hard about joining the Divine Self-Care Circle — but really, my heart and body knew long before my mind got on board. and personalized guidance always brings me home. I’ve met some of the most amazing women right across the world, and I’m so excited about what we’re building — individually and maybe one day in partnership — and how we can all continue to serve the world. I can’t imagine going forward without this sisterhood! If you’re considering joining the Divine Self-Care Circle, then stop considering and just do it. You won’t regret the investment in yourself for a single second. Can’t wait to see you on the inside! Much love, beautiful. xo”

~Anne Ferguson


“I am receiving so much value from this program and felt called to share the benefits that I’m receiving…

Before the Divine Self-Care Circle, I had just received my coaching certification and was looking to create an online coaching business. I got introduced to essential oils and also wanted to integrate that into my business as well. I was trying to figure this out on my own. It was exhausting, especially while working a full-time job, and taking care of a family.

I figured out that I was having a hard time committing to myself, to the schedule I planned. I was so frustrated. I realized that I needed to figure out how to commit and future myself first before I could start any kind of service to help anyone else.

I had joined a couple of other circles, and it was ok but I didn’t get the support that I needed, so I was skeptical about joining another circle, just to find out that it would be a similar experience.

This was totally different, I have been able to start with creating a magic morning practice (which is what really resonated with me and I felt called to joining this group). This practice evolved over the past 4 months into a personally meaningful practice that grounds me every morning and it’s not just more things for me to do, but helps me to BE more throughout the day.

I’ve also created personal relationships that are powerful, inspirational, and make me feel connected. one more thing is that I also was introduced to trying new things, like Qoya, and was so hesitant at first, but was inspired by Elena’s show of courage, and other women as well, to try it. I feel so spiritual, energized, and unleashed in a higher spiritual place, that grounds into my daily life. <3 <3

I like the pace of 1 topic per month, and to have time to really focus on that throughout the month. I also loved the virtual retreat, since it’s very difficult at this time to get away from work and family, the virtual retreat was awesome!

The program also provides support monthly through the monthly calls, the dream calendar appeals to my creative mind to organize visually, and it’s open to a variety of ways to support my inner spirit, like bringing out the magical goddess in me. 🙂

I would definitely recommend this program because we as women do so much for others, and nurturing ourselves is such an important aspect of being in the highest spirit of ourselves, and truth is, we so often forget or put ourselves to the side when life happens. Being supported by other women, it powerful in the most nurturing ways, that allow our feminine to blossom in a wild garden of flowers.

Also, like the introduction videos to each month, and oh, the virtual retreat gift that was sent out, such a thoughtful gift and a beautiful way to reach out to each sister. The benefits are invaluable, and get so much for the investment in the program!”

Much love,

“I’m so amazed at the transformation that has occurred in my life in just two weeks. You’ve inspired me to return to my own magic morning ritual and the results are nothing short of miraculous.

My healing and energy work is wide open and going to the next level. I’m able to tap into someone’s energy field from a distance now and can finally see how I can do my healing work remotely!

The direction for my brand finally became apparent, a new project finally became clear and I’m going to co-create it with BFF! And it’s FUN and EASY and LIGHT! I’m inspired.

The pause has been edgy. I’m saying no to many things, I’m untangling myself from too many obligations. I’m only answering the hundreds of e-mails I get from my readers when I feel inspired to… not from any empty cup or out of obligation.

All this is to say… thank you! Thanks for showing me it is possible to do more by doing less.

Wishing you all the best!”


Is this the year that you’re going to get YOU back on your calendar and to-do list?

I truly hope so.

Step inside the circle and join an incredible group of women who are ready to support you on the path to true freedom, inspiration and an inner joy that is unshakeable, even by the craziest circumstances in the world.

Click HERE or the button below to find out more and to step inside the 2017 Divine Self-Care Circle now.

I’ve created A SACRED space for you to come back home to YOU!



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Divine Self-Care Circle

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice