My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

There is no such thing as balance…it’s a lie!


It’s a lie. There is no such thing as balance. When you accept the mission to start something new, to be something more, to grow It's a lieinto something and someone that you can be proud of. To come full circle and realize that you have everything you needed all along. All of this takes work. The definition of balance is ‘a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.’

Different elements are equal…or in the correct proportions. In a life where you are trying to build something, to love someone, and to be the healthy, how can all elements be equal. I think we’ve been sold a lie. When I see headlines such as, “How to find balance in your life” or “5 ways to find work-life balance”, I think it must be written by someone who is missing one key element, the secret that creates meaning in a  way that is aligned with something more than a day well-balanced and a to-do list checked off.

I think life as more of an art than a balance. For example, when I am baking a cake, I can’t do as much baking a cake as cleaning the bathroom. And when I’m working on a project for my business, I can’t do that in equal proportion as spending time with my son. And when spending time with my family, the proportion of my heart is not even close to anything else I do.

That’s why I say throw away the idea of balance.  Instead, let’s shift the lens to make life more of an art. Throw yourself fully and deeply into what you believe in. Open your heart to receive FULLY, and give FULLY, when you are called to do so. I choose personal freedom over balance. And I live each day implementing the art of self-care.

The Art of Self-Care {without balance}

Step 1 – Spend some still, quiet time deciding what is most important to you and what you want to spend your time on.

Step 2 – Decide how you want to FEEL each day in your life and what activities bring those feelings into your life, heart, mind, body & spirit.

Step 3 – Do more of those. And not just TALK about them, but grab that planner and schedule them in. This is your life, your time, and you don’t get to press the delete button or the replay button. This very beautiful moment is what you have right now.

And when you’re doing those things that you love...don’t just do them a little. Turn everything else off, and get into it. Feel it, be in it. Being fully deeply and out of proportionately IN everything you do is the secret to living a fulfilled, present, magical life. That’s it. Simple and yet the hardest thing to do.

For me, the path to getting fully, deeply into whatever I am doing is to create a container of self-care around my life and my day. Through sharing stories, interviews and conversation, I have learned the secrets of women who have found fulfillment, joy and success unlike any they had ever dreamed.

And you know the string running through all of those stories? Falling madly deeply in love with whatever they are doing at the moment…AND having a strategy in their lives for taking care of themselves first. There is always, and I mean always a morning routine. There is always an awareness of the body and health. But the art is where the personal touch comes in. While self-care may look a little different for each of us, the philosophy is the same:

You shine the light inward on your own needs,  authentic self-expression and your passions every single day. And by doing so, you begin to radiate a glow of confidence, courage and commitment to a life well lived…{out of balance}.
If you’re interested in learning more about the art of self-care strategies, e-mail me for a discovery session at, or check out my signature program HERE.


Do you believe in balance?

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice