My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

What do you do when things don’t go as planned?


untitled-138-EditI planned out my Monday perfectly, but it didn’t go quite as planned.

(at the end of this post I share my 3 tips on how to move through those pesky unexpected moments with grace and trust.)

Each Sunday I sit down to plan out my week and keep my Dream Calendar alive (Dream Calendar is one of the 3 main anchors I teach in my Divine Self-Care Circle).

I start with something called a braindump where I write down everything that I need to for the week. I include current projects as well as any new stirring of ideas that are floating around in my mind. Next, I separate everything on the list onto my project list and finally I prioritize.

The next step is to review my priorities and make sure I am still on schedule to move the most important things in my business forward.

Finally, I make a list of the tasks that need to happen in the upcoming week and write them down in my pretty red Moleskin that is only used for tasks.

This process is one of the ways I move things forward in my life and business each.

It’s also a brilliant exercise for relieving the pressure of perceived “overwhelm” which can arise from having too many words, ideas, thoughts, and projects floating around in my head.

This week I had my list and my tasks written in my pretty red book and I was ready to get sh*t done.

But the life of a mama and entrepreneur have funky little intersections that don’t always go as planned.

I had already crossed off 3 tasks this morning and was getting ready to settle into a local coffee shop with reliable wi-fi and cross of 3 more tasks for the upcoming retreat I’m co-hosting in Tulum, Mexico next week with my 2 business partners.

And then the phone rang.

It was my son’s school. His tummy was aching and he thought he may have a fever.

Hubby was sleeping (after working the night shift).

So mama was on duty.

And you know what? As much as that call disrupted my day, my tasks and my plans, I’m so very grateful for the flexibility that I have in my work. I get to make my plans and I get ton pick up my kiddo from school and come home to rest.

Right now, I’m cozied up in a fuzzy blanket writing this to you. It wasn’t what I planned to write today, but I think it’s important to share the REAL behind-the-scenes of the life of a mom who owns a business.

It’s not always “business as usual” and things don’t always go as planned.

How can you find this flow when things get funky?

To help you understand how I shifted into mama mode, I am sharing 3 important mindset point of choice to  help YOU when things don’t go as planned:

1 – Trust DIVINE Redirection. 

When things don’t go as planned, instead of slipping into the victim mindset of,

I can’t believe this is happening
Why me?
Things never go as planned
I can’t be a mom AND do this work

I choose to see the shift or change in plans as a divine redirection. I look for the message in the change.

Sometimes it’s as simple as “slow down”, or “it’s time to rest” or something I knew I didn’t really need to do.

Regardless of whether I can figure out WHY this redirection is happening, I trust that there IS one. And then I can CHOOSE to go with the flow and see where it may lead.

2. Cultivate DEEP Roots.

What does it mean to have deep roots? This is such a great topic, I can write a whole book on it (and maybe I will ;)). In the meantime, when I say have deep roots, I mean that you cultivate a sense of self-worth that’s separate from the things that happen around you. When your self-worth comes from the deep knowing that you are worthy simply because you exist, because you ARE, then there is no comment, change of plans, disappointment or rudeness that is going to make you fall on the ground. When you have deep roots, you get can engage in your life with an open heart and solid foundation. A great place to start is by reading and living the tenants in one of my favorite books – the Four Agreements.

3. Find the GRATITUDE.

When something unexpected happens in your life or in your day, you have a choice in how you write the story about what is happening. For example, when the call came in from my son’s school, I was in the middle of my task list and in “work” mode. Now I had to shift my entire plan and go pick my son up from school.

At that moment, I had a choice of stories –

UGH, he’s sick and now I’m going to be so far behind. How am I going to get anything done?!

This would lead me down the path of frustration, guilt, and blame.

OR … I had this choice …

OK… what needs to get done, what can I delegate? That was my thought. So I texted my biz besties and partners and asked them to complete one of our Sacred CEO Retreat tasks that I was finishing up today.

They agreed, supported me in being a mama who needs to care for my boy, and I moved into the gratitude for the flexibility that I have to change my plans and not have to ask anyone for time off to be home with my kiddo when he needs me. It’s a gift, not a burden.

That’s it for now. It’s time to go make some tea for kiddo and myself :))).




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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice