My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

This One Felt So Different …


I had my 5th photo shoot yesterday since starting my 100% online coaching business. I now work with women from all over the world both 1:1 and in my Divine Self-Care Circle Mastermind … a yearlong journey of self-discovery, self-care and self-exploration.

Each photo shoot I’ve had was about branding images, being on brand, resonating and strategizing … and each one has been absolutely amazing.

But something was different about this last one.

Maybe it was because I was less nervous … since I’ve “done this before”.

Maybe it’s because I just turned 40 this last Monday and I feel better and more present in my own skin than I ever have.

Maybe it’s because I have clients and an audience who I serve at my highest levels … and I know deeply to the core that it has nothing and everything to do with my images.

Nothing … because it’s ME guided by divine when I walk the path with my clients.

And EVERYTHING because … since I work solely online, the image I choose to share is the me that I choose to share.

It’s personal, it’s intimate, it’s an embodiment of my walking of my path at the deepest levels I know how to. And it gets more and more refined each day.

Maybe it’s because I’ve put more of ME and my soul into this work than anything else I’ve ever done … and there’s simply nothing to hide anymore. Not that there ever truly was.

Maybe it’s because I trust my path at the deepest levels and know that I am guided… each pivot, each refinement, each mistake, I trust .. that it’s no mistake at all.

There are few maybes … there are clear NO’s, there are clear YES’es..

And so … when I was choosing my hair, makeup, location, etc… it was all so easy. Because it was all just ME guided my divine.

I wish this for all of my clients, my friends, my sisters … for YOU. I wish that you can begin to trust that its YOU showing up … guided, supported, on path .. exactly where you are meant to be and ever-evolving as you are meant to be.




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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice