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Vaidehi Normand Talks Divine Self-Care {Interview}

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In late 2014, I had the opportunity to attend a very cool marketing conference in San Francisco. What I love best about these events, besides the chock-full load of amazing strategies I walk away with is the handful of incredible connections I inevitably all away with.

When I speak with people at events like these, I am always listening to my intuition for connecting with people who share the same energy and passion for their work AND for making true authentic connections.

Vaidehi was one of these rare connections. I loved learning about Vai’s passion for style and for helping entrepreneurs connect with their own personal style so they can transform their owns self-perception as well as their business. I hope you enjoy meeting this beautiful woman as much as I did.

Q – What does Self-Care mean to you?

To me, Self-Care means taking time to give my mind, body, and heart some love. It is sometimes listening to my intuition tell me what I want and letting myself have it, guilt-free. And sometimes it’s giving myself what I need to feel like the best version of myself. In general, it’s time invested in me.


Q – Was there a time when you did not take care of YOU and how did it affect your life & business?

When I first started the path to be an entrepreneur, I was a great martyr. I gave all of my energy to my business and then some. I would work late hours for days on end, physically push my body and drink lots of coffee to keep going. This cycle would have me crash for days at a time when all I could do was lay on the couch and watch movies. This pattern gave me different types of health challenges, kept me too busy to maintain relationships that served me, and left me feeling resentful towards my business. Feeling defeated and helpless, I stopped trying to grow my business.

It wasn’t long until my business went under, and I had to get a job. That was one of the hardest times in my life. It took me over 5 years to trust myself and have the confidence to try again. This time, I won’t sacrifice my body to make my business happen because without me, there is no business.


Q – What are your top 3 Self-Care tips that women can incorporate into their lives?

 Tip 1  – Friends- there is nothing like connecting with one of my best girlfriends to talk about guys, clothes, food, movies, other girls, you name it. In the past, I often found myself “too busy” to see my friends. It would be a strain on my relationship with my partner because he was expected to be everything to me. Having an afternoon with a girlfriend allows me to get the connection I can only get from a girlfriend; which allows me to be fully present to give my sweetie the attention he loves. When he’s happy, I’m happy. It’s that simple.

Whether you have a partner or not, spending time with your girlfriends feeds you as a woman. It allows you to “girl” out, be silly, be sexy, get great tips and advice and feel heard. Even if it’s only for an hour, girl time is essential.

Tip 2 – Pancakes- everyone has their comfort food. For me, it’s pancakes. I love me some pancakes! And I found that regular white flower pancakes with standard maple syrup didn’t give me lasting energy and often left me feeling worse. Instead of giving up my favorite comfort food, I found a healthier option and allow myself this treat every Saturday when I get to sleep in.

 I use whole grain Arrowhead Mill mix and add finely chopped pecans into the batter, so I get a good protein fix. I will often make a side tofu scramble with spinach to get more protein and add greens. And I use natural Grade B maple syrup, which is less refined and better for blood sugar. I also like to add a side of fruit. Yummm!

Letting myself have this weekly treat give me something to look forward to and serves an emotional need that fuels me for the week.

What’s your comfort food?

Tip 3 – Movie time- I use my brain a lot to run my business. Writing copy, talking with referral partners, managing my support team; it all takes brainpower. After a long week of playing in my business, watching a good chick flick or comedy helps my brain take a break. I have a few shows that also help with this. It never ceases to fail. When I start to feel over-whelmed and closed in by my business, I take a break, watch a silly movie, and suddenly I have ideas and energy again. Magic!


Q – What’s something (fun, silly, surprising) that we can learn about you?


I have traveled to over 11 different countries around the world. It was wonderful to learn each countries’ version of Self-Care. In Italy, we would have 2-hour lunch breaks for a long meal and a nap. After which, we would ride a bike to get gelato and espresso. Sweet! In India, we would often wake up at 5am to start our tasks for the day but then have slow-to-get-started late mornings at the chai stand. A nap after lunch was pretty standard there also. I like to try to incorporate all the things I’ve learned from my travels into my life. My sweetie and I both love to have a slow-to-get-started morning with a hot beverage; tho waking up at 5am is not one I’ve incorporated ☺


About Vaidehi
Combining her knowledge of clothing design and image consulting, she created her own signature system to support women entrepreneurs in transforming their image so they can attract their ideal clients and have the biggest impact on stage.

As well as offering her image consulting services, she is in the process of creating a line of clothing to alleviate the stress and frustration of shopping for the right professional clothing.

After working with Vaidehi, her clients have been able to raise their rates, launch their training videos, increase conversion from speaking to groups, and become the leaders in their industry.

Vaidehi is passionate about empowering women to feel confident, attractive and have the impact they are here to make.

Want to connect with Vaidehi? Join her for this amazing opportunity to learn about the connection between style and business! 

Are you sick of wondering what clothes look best on you and allow you to confidently represent your business? Are you ready to look like a leader people want to follow? If you answered yes to those questions, I have an exciting opportunity that you’re not going to want to miss.


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Vaidehi & I want to know … What’s your Self-Care comfort food?

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