My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

What’s the story you’re telling yourself?


Elena with Mandala

You can literally change your life and alter your destiny by changing what you say yes to each and every day.

The things you choose to spend your money, time and energy on all tell a story.

What’s the story you’re telling yourself?

Recently, I wrote an article on Huffington Post called
Do you order the cheapest thing on the menu?

And the response was amazing.

So many women posted comments and recognized themselves in that question. Why is it that we think we need to dim our own light, to be thrifty, to give to others but not ourselves?

I know the obvious answer has to do with self-worth. But I like to go deeper, to really feel into the WHY behind the patterns that emerge in my life and the life of the women around me. When it comes to spending on myself, I find myself subtly seeking “permission” to spend on things.

Even though I have my own business bank account and have a juicy income from my business, I still find myself “testing out” the idea by running it by my husband. I know that I don’t need permission, and it’s not as if he’s going to say NO. But in some subtle way, I feel better when he says go for it.

Why is that? 

Do you experience this as well? 

Do you seek permission from those around you to spend on yourself in big and small ways? What’s the story that your life is telling your children, your clients, your friends, your loved ones.

Is it one of self-love or self-worth?

Or are you unwittingly placing yourself in the martyr-self-sacrificing role?

What are you inadvertently teaching your own kids about their self-worth by NOT taking care of yourself on all levels?

Once I uncovered this pattern of denying myself permission to say YES, I decided to play with it.

In my business and in my life, I’ve been gradually upgrading things around me. My car, my wardrobe, my mentoring and the types of support I surround myself with have all increased, well … pretty dramatically over the last few years. I’ve felt my spending muscle become stronger.

But more than that, I’ve become more aware of the actual chemical changes in my body and life that begin to occur when I say YES to myself on all levels.

I’ve realized that whenever I say YES to me and to a new experience which stretches me and challenges me … I activate a new round of alchemy in my life, my body, and my spiritual practice expression.

And I begin to attract new opportunities, clients, and experiences. It’s quite amazing.

Recently, I said yes to something that blew my circuits in the best possible way. I said yes to a business intensive with a mentor in a dream location. I knew that this would change everything for me.

And I was right. 

As soon as I said yes, I could feel the old patterns of wanting to get permission, to sabotage myself somehow, to prove that I was not worth this much money … {remember, this is all subconscious stuff that comes up}.

Instead of reacting with self-judgement and giving in to the self-doubt, I leaned deeply into my spiritual and Self-Care practices even more. I asked daily for divine guidance, I got on my pillow and meditated, I stuck with my Self-Care routine each day.

And I moved through this new level of my work gracefully.

I gave myself permission to be exactly where I was, to feel my feelings and to KNOW that I am worthy of my dreams.

This Self-Worth shows up in all areas of life. In the choice of food, clothes, experiences, how you spend your time, the beliefs you hold on to that are no longer serving you, and to the fear gremlins that are keeping you playing small.

Want to FEEL the magic of saying YES?

Right now, make a list of 5 things that you’ve been wanting to do or have.

Next to each item write down how this will make you FEEL.

Next, make a list of why you shouldn’t do these things or buy these things.

Read your list … how do those “excuses” make you FEEL?

Now, decide, which feeling will you choose? If you choose to say YES, watch out for the magic that will begin to unfold in all areas of your life.

p.s. as soon as you say yes, you’ll also experience the gremlins popping up and justifying why you should NOT give these things to yourself.

Just allow these thoughts to come in and out.

Now, if you choose … set a date for completion for at least one of the thing on your list.

I guarantee you this exercise will begin the process of alchemy for you.

Don’t waste time downgrading your value. Know your worth.

Your turn … what does it mean to say YES to you on all levels?

Where have you been waiting for permission from someone else?

Leave a comment below.

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My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice