My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

Why I do my financial planning at a spa …


You know that feeling of spending a few hours in a spa? 

To me, it’s as if I step into a bubble of luxury, of focusing on me, and taking deep divine care of my mind, body and spirit.

It’s the feeling of doing something amazing for yourself, feeling supported and worthy of amazing presence.

It’s the feeling of abundance and luxury. That’s the feeling I want to have in my work and the work I do with my clients.

Over the years I’ve tried running my business “the normal way” ; sitting down at the desk with my computer, opening my excel spreadsheet and plugging in the numbers … money in –> money out, have I met my goals, etc.

Truthfully, I don’t enjoy that process very much and sometimes I avoid it all together causing a back-log of entries which makes me feel like I’m not a “good” business person.

In my work, and in my finances I want to feel playful, luxurious, and successful. I KNOW that self-care is part of my life  … but it’s also an important part of my business.

Have you asked yourself how YOU want to feel in your work and your life? Some of my words are:


I feel all of these things when I make time for myself and for my business in a way that feels like ME.

Now it’s your turn. 

Are there areas of your life or work that feel like you’re doing them because you HAVE TO? What if there was a way to make these to-do items your own?

What practices around your life and business feel more like going to the dentist for a root canal vs. joyful planning and abundance?

Ask yourself … how can I bring more play and love into my daily routines?

Need inspiration for your designing your own Self-Care Rituals in life and business?

Here’s what I‘ve created to help you kick-start Radical Self-Care Rituals and apply them to your dreams, your life and your work.

You can enroll in my next round of 21 Days of Radical Rituals NOW and get a SURPRISE BONUS for enrolling before May 26!!!


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21 Days of Radical Self-Care SELF-CARE Style

My gift to you… 3 Step Magic Morning Practice

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