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You’re a Mom???


I am a mama
Recently I had a few business  conversations where I’ve mentioned some cute something or other about my son and the response was, “I didn’t know you were a mama!”

Wow! Really?? I had to pause and take stock of that response. My highest mission in my work is to embody my brand and stand in integrity to the highest level possible … and when I’m off track to share my journey about that part as well. Here I was teaching a client about the importance of “owning her niche” and she didn’t even know that I was a mama.

I thought back to a conversation I had with one of my incredible business mentors, Kimberly Errigo. We were discussing what it would look and feel like to go deeper into what lights me up in my business, when I had this beautiful a-ha moment that literally brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills {my intuitive guidance giving my a big HELL YES!}.

I realized at that moment that what lights me up is supporting mamas in business to integrate their work and family life in a way that feels amazing, creates consistent income without the perceived automatic sacrifice of either family or dreams.

And here I was NOT sharing the one part of my life that’s a guiding factor in all of my big picture business decisions. The reason I started this business is to have the freedom being the kind of present, playful and available mama I want to be for my kiddo. I love being there each morning to wake him up. I love being there most days to pick him up from school and check in with his teacher and the other parents. I love being able to take care of him when he’s home sick and never have to ask anyone for a day off to go volunteer at his school. These are some of the top reasons I started a business in the first place.

When I was in my twenties, the choices I made were completely different from the ones I make today. Back then, I was completely OK working 50-60 hours per week, taking private clients in the evenings after spending all day at my corporate job. The only person I had to consider then was ME. That was an amazing time in my life when I got to travel, and work as many hours as I needed to get the job done … and still find time to go out on after work.

Today, my needs and desires are completely different. I still want to do work that challenges my heart and soul creatively, AND brings in an amazing income that supports my family.

I used to think that I had to choose between work I love where I can play as big as I want to and having a beautiful fulfilling family life. As I looked out there at the landscape of successful entrepreneur women who were making the type of money and living the freedom based lifestyle that I was dreaming of, I didn’t see much in the way of mama-business-goddess inspiration. I saw many incredibly talented women without kids who were working their tails off at business they loved, traveling the world promoting their work and truly living a dream life … minus kids.

Every time I tried to emulate their work, I was left feeling exhausted, discouraged and out of integrity. But like everything else in my life, I decided I would try it my way. I wanted to find a way to do the work I love, make a great income and still be there to pick up my son at 3pm.

And guess what. I did it. I started to piece together all of the lessons I was learning from these amazing women and taking what I thought would resonate with my version of business vision and dreams. I filtered out those things that did not apply to me as a mother starting a business. I even hired a series of mentors who were also mamas so I could test out my work, my ideas and my program strategies.

And it worked! My business began to take off, my website was getting amazing traffic and I was getting invited to 2-3 interviews per month talking about the importance of treating yourself like your #1 asset in life and business. But if I’m honest, something was still missing. As I looked back at all of my blog posts, images, and social media posts, I realized that if I didn’t know myself, I would have a  hard time picking out the fact that I am a mother. So here I was teaching my clients to be authentic and to resonate with their ideal clients, but my own clients didn’t know that I was in fact a mother. The one thing that informs all of my choices.

Today, I am happy to say that I own my niche, I own the fact that I LOVE working with mother entrepreneurs and helping them to integrate their family and business life in a way that doesn’t sacrifice either. It’s totally possible.

The best thing I did for myself and my business was to get totally honest about what lights me up and follow that light like a trail of breadcrumbs into my highest purpose. I’m still following the trail. I know my work will evolve. Having a young child is different that having a teenager. So I don’t know what my work will look like in 5 yrs. And that’s ok. I trust that I am divinely guided on this path. I commit to bringing all of me to my work and to my clients.


What about you? Where does your work or your brand feel a bit off? I invite you to explore what lights YOU up. Are you ready to follow that trail of breadcrumbs? I promise you it will take you somewhere totally amazing, maybe unknown and a bit scary … but you’re up for it, I know you are.

Your Turn:

What lights you up? Leave a comment below and own your gifts.


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Embody Your Brand Images Mama Business Goddess

  • Stephanie April 16, 2014, 11:54 pm

    I love this Elena! Funny thing is, I definitely knew you were a mommy but until you mentioned it, I didn’t realize that you don’t discuss it much.
    I think sometimes we get so caught up in our mission that we forget to mention the purpose…

    Definitely enjoyed the post

  • Flesche Hesch April 17, 2014, 3:53 am

    Woo hoo! for embracing it all and having that be the secret sauce for success. Rock on, Mama!


  • admin April 17, 2014, 6:04 pm

    Stephanie, that’s exactly the awareness shift that I had as well. Being a mama and working with other mamas totally lights me up … this is my purpose and I’m finally ready to own it.

    Bring it on!


  • admin April 17, 2014, 6:05 pm

    Yes!!! Your rock on too Flesche .. you’re already in that beautiful space. Thank you for being such an inspiration.


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